Xsolla And Novaquark Form Alliance For Dual Universe


As the gaming industry embraces new voxel technology to raise the stakes of what sandbox simulations offer players, Novaquark stands heads and tails above the competition with their release of Dual Universe. Seeking to create something far beyond the average gaming experience, Novaquark set out to build an immersive world culminating in a first-person MMO, built entirely by the game’s players. Dual Universe is complete with an in-game economy, politics, trade, and even warfare in this sci-fi-themed masterpiece.


To capitalize on the work that went into Dual Universe, Novaquark sought a partnership to accelerate global distribution, monetization, and promotion efforts for its growing player community. The list of requirements included:

  • streamlined revenue collection
  • a choice of many payment methods across different regions
  • a secure payment process 
  • Expanded reach to take Dual Universe global

Together, Xsolla and Novaquark devised a comprehensive strategy to accommodate the company’s goals by implementing Payments and Xsolla Partner Network. 

Xsolla Payments
was the solution implemented to manage global transactions with ease and integrate over 700 payment methods tailored for different regions, ensuring no player was left behind.

To enhance Dual Universe's visibility, our team introduced Novaquark to Xsolla Partner Network, allowing Novaquark to connect with top influencers, affiliates, and other partners to help amplify the game’s reach to a global audience.


After implementing Xsolla Pay Station, Novaquark saw a significant increase in global sales, established a secured payment process, and reached a wider global audience. Novaquark saw an increased conversion rate of 24.4% and doubled transactions with a nearly 255% increase. 

With the addition of Xsolla’s Partner Network, Novaquark benefited from 324 influencers who joined the company’s program, with 155 increasing sales, boosting the exposure of Dual Universe and attracting a diverse world filled with new players.

The combination of Xsolla’s game industry expertise and a wide array of solution options made integration seamless with Novaquark’s existing platform, making it straightforward and effective for them to expand their reach and target their specific growth goals. 

Novaquark expressed satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting the benefits of adding Pay Station and accessing Xsolla’s Partner Network. "We've been thrilled with the Xsolla Partner Network. It's been instrumental in broadening Dual Universe's reach and visibility. We especially appreciate the range of payment options provided by Pay Station. It’s truly catered to our diverse player base.”

With Xsolla's expert help and game monetization guidance, the same benefits are available for any developer or publisher seeking to take their video game to a global audience. 

If you’re ready to enhance your game’s worldwide visibility with diverse payment options and increased marketing visibility to bring in new players, contact us today about how Pay Station and the Xsolla Partner Network can seamlessly integrate with your platform.

Xsolla and Novaquark Form Alliance For Dual Universe

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