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Gamedev + funding = powerful potentialXsolla's funding suite of solutions makes it easy for game developers to find investment.
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Guide to INDIE VIDEO GAME FUNDINGFunding your indie game takes effort, but this free guide from Xsolla’s experts explains what you need to get started.
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SIMPLIFY YOUR PATH TO GAME FUNDINGXsolla Funding Club connects video game developers with interested individual investors and publishers at no cost.
  • Be discovered by the industry’s largest qualified investor community

  • Benefit from direct, one-on-one pairing with an investor or publisher

  • Move forward with the right advice from our combined 40+ years of game funding experience

YOUR GAME + OUR SAVVY = SUCCESSXsolla Accelerator brings operations expertise, marketing savvy, and funding know-how to your game’s success strategy.
  • Breathe easy with bridge funding from $30k to $100k per project up-front

  • Level up your business acumen with education, networking, and special events tailored to your goals

  • We help developers get funding by assisting with pitch preparation and making introductions to investors

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Watch: how to improve your funding Justin Berenbaum and Lily Goldner from Xsolla Funding host special guests David Martinez from Raw Fury and Ken Seto from Massive Damage Games in a chat where you’ll discover how to boost your funding chances.
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