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Breaking Into the New Market: Pre-Orders

Everything you need to know about locking in sales before your game is released.

How to Work with Feedback on Steam Effectively

Find out how to get feedback on Steam, how it can benefit you, and the right way to put it to work.

How to Distribute Game Keys Among Video Influencers

Learn how to find and reach the right influencers to promote your game.

Ready to give it a go?

Self-publish on Steam: The Ultimate Guide

Your game is ready to see the light of day. The journey from registration to release.

Now Sell It — The Role of Marketing in Indie Development

You pulled all-nighters to make the perfect game. Why is nobody playing it?

How to Start Developing Games With Unity

A brief guide of what you need to know to work with game development platform Unity

Preparing Marketing Materials: Graphics

How to use visual materials to make players interested in your game.

Monetizing Your Indie Game Back Catalog

Generate extra revenue from your old games by promoting them alongside new releases.

Preparing Video Marketing Materials

There’s nothing better for sales than a video of your game — a good video.