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Game Sales and Commerce

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating A Customized In-game Store

Creating an in-game store for your game app is a rewarding process

Game release & myth busters

Everything you need to know about maximizing pre-sales before your game launches on Steam

Amp Your Game Conversions with Pricing Mojo

You can structure game subscription pricing to benefit your players and your revenue plan

5 Types Of Micro-transactions To Help Your In-game Store Thrive

Console and mobile games often rely on microtransactions to make income and keep up with user engagement

Complete Guide To Video Game Founder’s Packs

Learn how a Founder's Pack works, features to include, and ways to make the most out of your game launch months before the official release

5 Game Subscription Features To Help Increase Revenue

A great video game will keep players coming back for more

Gaming Guide: Subscriptions & Promotional Products

Make the most out of a video game subscription package

Monetization Is Not A Dirty Word

Players want to support the games they enjoy, and developers want to turn a profit to stay in business

Crowdfunding And Game Launch

5 Ways to Use Crowdfunding to Launch Your Video Game

The Step-by-step Guide To Expanding Your In-app Store

An in-app store is how you get paid for all the work to create, develop, and sell your game. When you're ready to expand your store, follow these steps.