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Xsolla Industry Report

Your quarterly deep-dive into the insights of global gaming experts

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The Winter 2024 edition of Xsolla's exclusive industry report brings you the latest trends and events impacting the video game landscape. Explore the rich, evolving gaming world and uncover predictions and forecasts you can use to power your business decisions.

  • The last five years in gaming. An overview of the gaming industry's biggest leaps, shifts, and surprises from 2019 to 2023, compared to similar global sectors like ecommerce and entertainment.
  • Notable trends. Explore in-depth analysis on key topics such as the rising influence of women in gaming, the increasing adoption of cloud gaming, and the current trends in the mobile gaming and investment sectors.
  • Industry expertise. Harness insights from experts with decades of market experience in gaming to make innovative and bold business decisions.
  • Growth and innovation. Streamline your strategy with actionable data, forecasts, and guidance.


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