Tilting Point's Star Trek Timelines Finds eCommerce Success With Xsolla Web Shop


Game publisher Tilting Point was founded in 2012 with a focus on making games accessible to players. Since opening its doors, Tilting Point pivoted to concentrate on live F2P games, garnered multiple games industry awards, and grew by acquiring several development studios and popular titles, including Star Trek Timelines.

The multiplayer strategy role-playing game was first released on January 14, 2016. Hardcore Star Trek franchise fans took to their devices to enjoy Star Trek Timelines on iOS and Android, Facebook, Samsung Store, Huawei Store, the Amazon Store, and Steam.

The game was acquired from Disruptor Beam in March 2020. Tilting Point’s newly formed in-house development studio (Wicked Realm Games) took on the role of support and further development.

The same year, Screen Rant named Timelines the sixth-best Star Trek game. Then in 2021, the video game industry experienced a downward trend.


Tilting Point realized that to continue to thrive in the current mobile market, they needed to seek new revenue opportunities, increase player retention, and boost LTV. They decided to adopt the latest trend that perfectly fits their needs – selling in-game items and currency outside of the in-game store.

Because Tilting Point was already a satisfied Xsolla client (Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest  uses Launcher), they approached their trusted partner with a mission to grow revenue and increase profit while expanding and retaining their user base.


Tilting Point and Xsolla discussed the company’s marketing strategy and revenue targets and decided to monetize by rewarding top players with a dynamic collection of exclusive offers not available in-game. The approach needed to increase customer confidence and comfort in making low-friction purchases via the web.

After evaluating challenges, needs, and goals, the partners identified the most appropriate solution: Xsolla Web Shop.

The benefits to Star Trek Timelines players are significant:

  • High-value packs are only available on the web.
  • Discounted offers compared to in-game.
  • Monthly "battle passes" that grants access to additional high value reward tracks.
  • Profitable currency packs for whales inclined to embrace the higher price point.
  • Multi-platform availability with an ever-changing catalog of exclusive offers.

The shop incentivizes whales, dolphins, and aspiring newcomers to return to the web to purchase:

  • Limited exclusive bundles available only via the shop.
  • Bundles with bonuses not found in-game.
  • Exclusive and time-limited booster packs with no purchase limit.
  • Currency packs with bonus currency.
  • Whale-suggested offers with prices above $99.99 - also not available in-game.

Xsolla’s expert team focused on building the website and customizing settings to serve Timelines’ audience best, while Tilting Point defined a catalog of special offers and an incentivizing system guaranteed to capture the attention of the game’s most loyal users.


After a successful seven years on mobile platforms, Star Trek Timelines continues to thrive alongside its new web shop. Timelines is well on its way to achieving Tilting Point’s monetization goals - primarily because it creates all offers to ensure that the catalog’s added value, uniqueness, and time-sensitivity – compared to in-game shopping –  is easy to understand. 

  • Purchases from the game’s web shop account for nearly a quarter of the title's incoming revenue.
  • More than half of Timelines’ web shoppers (in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Germany) find it easy and satisfying to make repeat purchases with their favorite payment methods, including bank cards, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, and Amazon Pay.

Star Trek Timelines’  future revenue stream looks bright, thanks to Tilting Point’s flexibility in looking for solutions beyond in-game shopping, Web Shop’s effectiveness, and a solid relationship with its commerce solutions partner, Xsolla.

With Xsolla's help and guidance, the same benefits are available for any game developer or publisher ready to earn more and strengthen their connection with players.

Are you looking to reach more players and earn and KEEP more revenue - even in an uncertain market? If you’re an Xsolla partner, you can integrate Web Shop from your Publisher Account. If you’re new to Xsolla or need more information, contact us today about Web Shop for your mobile game.

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