Techland publishing taps Xsolla to help pre-sell Dying light 2


Headquartered in Wrocław, Poland, Techland Publishing began their journey in 1991 as a software distributor. In 2000, they pivoted to game development and released Crime Cities, garnering an 81% rating from IGN.

Today, Techland boasts a vast catalog of unforgettable video game experiences including Dying Light, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Call of Juarez, and Gods Trigger.


In 2021, Techland stakeholders and Xsolla experts discussed an impressive laundry list of needs, including

  • A comprehensive website to manage and sell their entire portfolio of game titles direct to their customers, in one convenient location;
  • Customizable tools for driving traffic;
  • Ability to offer targeted promotions to players;
  • Promote their latest title Dying Light 2 prior to launch.

Together, Xsolla and Techland defined a strategic combination of products into one comprehensive solution: Xsolla Game Sales, a combined integration of products (Site Builder, In-Game Store, and Pay Station) which allows the publisher to create a custom branded online web store with multiple features.

  • Sale of game keys for PC for Dying Light, Dying Light 2, and Call of Juarez;
  • Customizable website interface including promotional banners for highlighting discounts on unique bundles and premium editions;
  • Special promotional codes to motivate players to make purchases.

Techland Store distributes game keys for any platform, enabling players to quickly and simply purchase downloadable content and enjoy a robust Dying Light 2 pre-order campaign.

Paired with a strong email marketing campaign that drove traffic to their new comprehensive web store, and a prominent store button on the home page, plus vibrant feature blocks, encouraging customers toward transaction completion.


After implementing the Game Sales solution, Techland reached its goal of creating additional revenue streams from existing AND future titles. Other successful results include:

  • Pre-sales increased from their February, 2022 pre-order campaign and promotion of Dying Light 2;
  • Customers have access to over 700 payment methods including some not available on platforms; such as: Amazon Pay, Sofort, and Blik;
  • Improved average purchase amount.

Techland Publishing’s decision to integrate multiple Xsolla products via our Game Sales solution allows them to:

  • Amplify game titles' purchase appeal with a customized website;
  • Build a branded buzz around existing and future games with an easy-to-create web store;
  • Boost sales pre-launch with pre-orders;
  • Sell game keys for PC;
  • Efficiently manage a vast catalog of popular titles;
  • Offer localized payment methods at checkout from 700+ globally available;
  • Consolidated payment processing for all store items into one streamlined system;
  • Directed all sales revenue into the client's preferred account.

With Xsolla's help and guidance, the same benefits are available for any game developer or publisher seeking to earn more and accelerate pre-launch. 

If you’re ready to start selling directly to players, download the free ebook and contact us today about how Game Sales can let you integrate, launch and start selling without writing a single line of code - and for only 5%.

Techland levels up with Site-Builder, Buy Button and Pay Station

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