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Founded in 2005, Hi-Rez Studios is a F2P success story, developing titles for PC, mobile, and console gaming platforms. Hi-Rez often incorporates elements of team-based and combat-based gameplay. Notable titles include SMITE, Paladins: Champions of the Realm, Jetpack Fighter, and Global Agenda — the first-ever F2P title available on Steam.


In 2015, the SMITE team conveyed to Xsolla their desire to consolidate payment processing for all products in their store, help users find their preferred payment methods, and send all payments to their company’s PayPal account.

Mindful of the way these updates would improve the purchase process and of the projected jump in payments volume, Hi-Rez also sought solid anti-fraud protection for this popular free-to-play action MOBA.


Close connection with Xsolla Partners is the fuel for faster integrations. 

Xsolla immediately partnered with Hi-Rez to switch its game store for SMITE to a customized Xsolla In-Game Store interface and replace its existing purchase path with Xsolla Pay Station’s more intuitive display.

Thanks to coordinated teamwork, it only took six weeks for Hi-Rez and Xsolla to finish integration and to start seeing improvements in four key areas.

  • Following the integration of Xsolla In-Game Store, Hi-Rez began accepting payments from hundreds of countries – including the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, and Germany – through over 120 payment methods.
  • Local payment methods automatically appear in users’ checkout interfaces, code-free.
  • In 2020, transactions skyrocketed to over 100k.
  • The company experienced a 10%+ annual conversion rate increase.
  • Today, SMITE engages over 35 million players worldwide.


  • Enabled localized payment methods at checkout from 700+ globally available.
  • Consolidated payment processing for all store items into one streamlined system.
  • Directed all sales revenue into client’s preferred account.

User Experience

  • Enabled intuitive in-store interface for more accessible product display.
  • Displayed localized pricing for all in-game products in all global markets.
  • Listed prioritized payment methods in localized, clean checkout UI.


  • Enabled Hi-Rez to create custom products including items, currency, and bundles.
  • Incorporated currency product recommendations for users’ desired value.


  • Filtered fraudulent payments using machine-learning mechanism with self-updating algorithm
  • Reviewed disputed transactions 24/7 using behavioral and data metrics.
  • Incorporated custom data parameters with region-specific adaptability.

SMITE levels up with Xsolla In-Game Store

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