NX3 Games Seeks Xsolla Expertise For Avatara Launch

Success Story

NX3 GAMES, the developers behind the new blockchain-based MMORPG AVATARA, have a long history of success in the Korean games market.

With decades of combined experience and a track record of creating popular titles, the NX3GAMES team is well-equipped to bring AVATARA to the forefront of the gaming industry.

Released in January 2023, AVATARA is a new top-end action MMORPG that is playable on mobile, PC, and web browsers. The title breaks new ground in the gaming world by bringing the power of blockchain and NFTs to the masses. While billions of people enjoy traditional games, only about one million players have experienced the unique benefits of blockchain gaming.


Korea’s leading games developer envisioned increasing AVATARA’s availability by providing a more traditional game experience for anyone to jump into while offering all the benefits of blockchain technology.

NX3 GAMES connected with Xsolla, the video game industry’s expert in ecommerce and monetization. They asked Xsolla for three vital tools.

  • Stable operations and a solid foundation to launch AVATARA’s new PC version;
  • A solution for proactively blocking fraudulent payments;
  • A way to integrate local payment methods globally.

Working together to achieve NX3 GAMES’ needs and expand AVATARA’s reach, the plan came together:

  • Improve game access by adding Launcher to the user experience;
  • Expand analytics and payouts transparency via Publisher Account;
  • Implement Anti-Fraud payments protection;
  • Use Pay Station to make it easy for users worldwide to purchase with their favorite local payment methods.

NX3 GAMES successfully released AVATARA’s PC version on 16 January 2023. With Xsolla’s help, NX3 reduced fraud risk, expanded payment coverage, and simplified payment management. The game received a better-than-expected response, including:

  • +45k Launcher installations
  • +766K Launcher sessions
  • +34K active (authorized or registered) users
  • +45K successful payments made
  • Average conversion rate: 68.73%

If you have a vision of making your game available to more players worldwide, speak with Xsolla about how a simple integration can take your gaming business to the next level.

Xsolla is ready to work with you on your game’s long-term success. New partners can contact business@xsolla.com. If you’re one of our current partners and want to know more, please contact your account manager or email am@xsolla.com.

Success Story
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