Bad Fox and Xsolla partner for super squad profit jump of 29%


UK-based Bad Fox Studios opened their doors in 2018 with a plan to build AAA-quality games with a small indie team size (only eight to start) and tight focus.

On June 25, 2021, Bad Fox introduced their RTS-meets-MOBA  to the world on Steam and Epic Games Store, launching a new genre in the process: team-based Multiplayer Online Shoot-’Em-Up (MOSH.)


The small yet mighty Bad Fox team had the vision to launch and grow an in-game store but lacked the workforce. They approached Xsolla about implementing their comprehensive solution of development, inventory management, and calculations on cost - all with an eye toward their website and a presence on Steam and Epic Games Store.


Working together to satisfy Bad Fox’s needs and outside platform requirements, the plan came together:

  • Implement a Super Squad In-Game Store on Steam where Xsolla SDK processes all  inventory
  • Using Site Builder, launch the game’s store on Epic Games
  • Integrate Pay Station for payments accepted by Steam’s wallet via Xsolla as a gateway

Combine Login and Xsolla’s cross-platform account system solution to allow players to link their Steam and Epic accounts


Initial success was greater than expected, so Bad Fox expanded the collaboration well beyond their initial vision of a simple in-game store - a decision resulting in:

  • Increased revenue by 29%
  • 47,611 users authorized via Login
  • 57% conversion rate
  • Full control of their branded game store across multiple platforms;
  • Management of expenses while expanding their business
  • Efficient focus of studio staff efforts on what they do best - game development.

Bad Fox was 100% satisfied with Xsolla’s actions:  “After realizing the mammoth task of creating a store on our own we decided to partner with xsolla. The ease of integrating the products through the use of the sdk and payment gateways proved efficient and straightforward and having the xsolla engineer team on hand throughout to help with implementation meant that the integration was seamless.”

If you have a vision of making your game’s inventory available on multiple platforms,  speak with Xsolla about how a simple integration of an in-game store can give your products greater visibility and take your business to the next level.

Xsolla is ready to work with you on your game’s monetization evolution. New partners can contact If you’re one of our current partners and want to know more, please contact your account manager or email

Bad Fox Studios levels up with Login, Pay Station, In-game Store and Site-Builder

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