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Xsolla assumes responsibility for every transaction

Merchant of Record

Access new users and payment methods around the world instantly
Comply with all local sales taxes, VAT, laws, and regulations
Let Xsolla handle all chargebacks and refunds
Keep all sensitive user data per GDPR and other privacy laws
Fulfill 100% PCI DSS compliance on every transaction


We register in Tax Inspectorate as a merchant, fully liable for all sales
We calculate the applicable tax based on a user’s location
Xsolla handles all accounting and tax payments to the authorities

Fraud liability

High fraud rates can make you a high risk merchant, with complicated KYCs and high channel costs — avoid it all
Don’t risk being added to fraud monitoring programs, or worse, blacklisted, by Visa, MasterCard, and other cards

Let Xsolla and our Anti-fraud system manage risk for you

Xsolla Anti-fraud

Pay Station comes fully integrated with adaptive algorithms that use machine learning and cross-game analytics from our global game network.

Blocks serial fraud with cross-game analytics
Uses custom rules engine
Supports trust and block lists
Offers optimized manual review flows
Displays real-time fraud insights
Analyzes in-game custom parameters
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3D Secure 2.0 and additional verification

Dynamic 3D Secure 2.0 gives you an extra layer of authentication. This protects you from fraudulent card payment liability and only applies authentication to high-risk transactions, protecting your conversion rate.

Compatible with Xsolla Anti-fraud rule engine

Dispute management

Xsolla assumes full responsibility for handling transaction disputes. As your Merchant of Record, we submit evidence based on dispute type and network rules, ensuring refunds only for legitimate disputes.

Make the most of every phase of a transaction

Uninterrupted service

99.95% systems uptime means consistent payment availability and performance

Conversion and approval rates

Easily insert a conversion-optimized payment page into the checkout flow
Increase conversion by giving users lots of payment options
Boost trust and retention through local pricing, saving gamers currency exchange fees
Increase approval rates via smart routing and waterfall acquiring

Pay Station capabilities

Accept payments in more
places, more ways

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Manage, reconcile accounts,
and get paid fast

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