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One integration organizes 
and automates the complex payments processes your gaming business needs to succeed.
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Don’t just do business, grow business

Pay Station maximizes revenue, minimizes effort.

Accept payments in more places, more ways

Drive market share

Letting players pay with local payment methods, even with cash, nets you an entirely new, untapped market.

Offload and automate

  • Connect to over 700 payment systems with a single integration
  • Our continually updated payments network connects you to trends
  • Users get a behavior-based in-game payments interface and evolving flow

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Process transactions securely, stay compliant

Offload compliance, taxes, and fraud risk

With Xsolla as your Merchant of Record, we assume the risk and cost of complex VAT, sales taxes, laws, and regulations. Leave every transaction to the experts.

Earn more and lose less

  • Stop 99.9% of fraudulent transactions
  • Decrease chargeback rate to 0.1% monthly
  • Eliminate tax management costs
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Manage, reconcile accounts, and get paid fast


Get the financial reports you prefer, in real time, including for APIs you use.

See everything

Access a comprehensive dashboard including previous and next payout dates, account balance, and payout drafts.

Get paid your way

Access more payout methods and currency options.

Operate as a team

Easily share access and permissions tailored to each team member’s responsibility and needs.

Get expert input

Your dedicated Account Manager and our Business Engine continually deliver ways to grow your revenue.

Pay Station in action

See how simple Xsolla makes it to handle every aspect of your payments processing.

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