Pay Station 

Xsolla Pay Station lets you monetize for every economy, with 700+ payment types worldwide.
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Global presence

Reach more players in more places

Payment methods
Take payment in players’ preferred currency for increased awareness and conversion.
Pace growth right when expanding distribution by selecting only the regions and countries where you want to release.
Set pricing locally, saving players currency exchange fees and increasing retention.
Create UI in players' languages for increased transaction success.
Comply with all government and tax regulations, through our geographic and practice area expertise as Merchant of Record.
Revenue sources

Monetize in
multiple ways

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Renewals, recurring charges


Games available to buy before launch

Virtual goods

Currency, in-game items

Physical goods

Your own game merchandise

More than features — gaming first, for uninterrupted flow

Pay Station is made — and continuously evolved — specifically for the video game industry. It integrates easily with your code, gives you single-dashboard management, and disruption-free player experiences.

For you

A Publisher Account - your "mission control" - lets you manage operations, analytics, support.
Latest API integration so you can add or upgrade game functionality.
«Whale-accommodating» anti-fraud so you can avoid flagging habitual big spenders.

For your players

Alternative and 1-click payments and natural price points increase options.
PayRank surfaces any player’s best payment method options first.
Process mining of user digital behavior cuts down on bottlenecks.
UI native in-game transactions decrease play disruption for increased engagement.
Payment methods

Transact to meet everyone’s needs

Every major credit/debit card

Mobile, direct carrier billing

Local, cash-based currencies

eWallet payment platforms

Accept payment from more local and worldwide credit/debit cards than with any other payments solution provider.
Take mobile payments with direct carrier billing, as well as cash payments, reaching "unbanked" players in 100+ geographies.
Outsource finance-related business matters , e.g. refunds by order, line item, or partial value for virtual currency.
fraud protection

Xsolla security blocks 99% of fraud

Cross-game Analytics

Prevent fraud detected in one game from migrating to your other games. Cross-game Analytics works in conjunction with Cross-game Blacklisting to defeat serial fraudsters.

Multi-level Verification

Implement 3DSecure and micro-transaction verification to confirm players’ bank account access. Address Verification System (AVS) combats fraudulent activity for non-face-to-face transactions, cross-referencing cardholders’ addresses with issuers’ records.
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