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Get real-time info on charges, fees, refunds, and transfers

Financial reporting

Create and review all the financial reporting you need. Xsolla takes care of aggregating every detail from over 700 payment methods, and bills from every provider.

  • Reconcile transactions easily against deposits tagged with fee and other details
  • See unified financial reporting
  • Access the agreed-upon amount due

Pre-built reports

We cover the most common financial reporting needs, then set them up to automatically generate for your account.

  • Monthly report
  • Transfer report (draft)
  • Transaction report
  • Transaction-level costs breakdown

API reporting

With a simple request, the data you want is put into a report, then uploaded to a database.

Publisher Account Dashboard

See transactions, payment methods, sales, user, balances, and payout dates. Manage every data byte and every aspect of doing business — even start refunds.

  • Real-time data and reports
  • Advanced transaction search, data exports
  • Detailed transaction registry with flexible filters
  • Taxes, fees, and transaction details
  • Test mode
  • Connect to all projects and features

Mobile Dashboard

Our mobile app lets you track all your Publisher Account info too, like payments, new users, and daily earnings.

Use Paypal or make a bank transfer, from anywhere

Clear payouts

Your dashboard shows previous payout dates, next expected payout date, account balance, and payout drafts.

Unified payday

Get one, aggregate payout from all your user’s payment methods and currencies.

  • Get cross-border currency conversion
  • Review every payout detail, fee, and charge

Multicurrency payouts

Receive funds in one currency or many, you choose.


Get secure access to all account information


All sensitive information is protected — team members only see info and actions related to their role.

Account security

Email two-step authentication secures access to your Publisher Account Dashboard and account data.

Payments catalog

Integrate over 700 payment methods into your business quickly and easily.

  • See details including payment types, costs, and main markets
  • Enable or disable payment methods in one click
  • Filter payment methods based on your target markets
  • Export filtered data for internal analytics and planning
all-in-one tool 

Business Engine cards

Xsolla experts and your Account Manager will continuously surface recommendations from our Business Engine that are relevant to your business needs, to help you optimize and grow.
  • Automatically get insights and recommendations within your Publisher Account
  • Easily add recommended solutions to your portfolio, with a single click
  • Get instant support from an Integration Manager
  • Track every new solution’s results and performance through a comprehensive analytics dashboard

Pay Station capabilities

Accept payments in more
places, more ways

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Process transactions securely,
stay compliant

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