Pay station 

Accept payments in more places, more ways


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Customize cross-browser, cross-device experiences

Conversion-optimized payment page

Add a payment page to your checkout flow, quickly and easily.

700+ payment methods, 130+ currencies, 200+ geographies and 20 languages — this is Pay Station right out of the box
PayRank automatically surfaces the payment methods most relevant for each user
90% credit card conversion, 70% for other payment types
98% acceptance rate

Customizable UI

Matched to your branding, so a user’s experience is the same at every touchpoint.

Add direct payment buttons to your website so they match your brand
We display your logo in Pay Station header and payment methods interfaces
Customize receipt emails with images, messaging, social media, and brand colors
Choose which payment methods to display or hide

Payment widgets

Pre-integrated, so users make purchases easily.

Credit cards

  • Pay Station integrates pay forms, so the purchase flow is never broken by third-party page detours.
  • Forms use the fewest required fields and adjust for every region’s needs.


  • Protect cardholder information and make it easy for users with Xsolla’s tokenization / one-click payments. Sensitive data is replaced with a non-sensitive equivalent, without having to re-enter payment data.

Gift cards

Let players convert over 100 branded gift cards into their favorite games’ currency.

Cash payments

Xsolla already supports over 150,000 POS systems, so most users have one nearby

Mobile payments

Convert more mobile users with direct carrier billing — saving them time and money.

Order summary

Users see all the details of their total, such as payment system fee, taxes, and any other costs.

  • Display any discounts applied to the order, and the Xsolla balance
  • Provide purchase price in user’s local currency, encouraging trust
  • Show VAT for the EU, sales tax for the US, and any other applicable taxes

Google and Facebook Analytics

Track important Pay Station user journey events with Google and Facebook Analytics.

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Connect to over 700 payment systems with one global integration

Global presence


Credit / debit cards

Accept every major debit and credit card in countries and regions worldwide.

Xsolla Advantages

  • Local acquiring = high approval rates
  • Tokenization and subscription support
  • Installments enabled
  • CVC / AVS checks
  • 3DS 2.0
  • Additional verification
  • Dynamic descriptors
  • Full / partial refunds
  • Global digital wallets

    Users store their card account data however they prefer.

    Alternative payment methods

    Local digital wallets
    Online bank transfers
    Prepaid and gift cards
    Other methods
    Cash / mobile payments
    Reach unbanked players in 100+ geographies with direct carrier billing
    Push payments
    Place your game buttons in social networks, online banking applications, ATMs, and cash kiosks
    POS systems
    Grow your business in cash-based economies by accepting payments via convenience stores, cash kiosks, or other locations

    Accept payments from your Android app or mobile website

    Android SDK

    We offer tools to create payment interfaces for Android-based games.

    Mobile interfaces

    Xsolla gives you full compatibility with any mobile game. An intuitive menu lets users choose from over 700 payment methods worldwide.

    Payments SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine

    All games made with Unity or Unreal Engine can access Pay Station because Xsolla distributes its libraries via asset stores
    Set up in-app purchases and microtransactions easily, with Xsolla natively integrated into the game developer’s chosen framework
    Payments SDK supports cross-platform integration and saves you time and resources, so you can focus on game development

    Pay Station capabilities

    Process transactions securely,
    stay compliant

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    Manage, reconcile accounts,
    and get paid fast

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