One price for everything.

5% of transactions
+ cost of channel.

No integration cost or upfront payments
No cost for MAU, CCU or transaction counts
No size restrictions for games
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Core features

Game client
Seamless integration with Steam
Integration with any gaming platform

Upon request

Support for CBT/OBT/Release/Test Environment
Use of Launcher with unlimited applications, games and releases
Use of Launcher inside digital distribution platforms
Built-in news and announcements system
Built-in SKU, game purchase, and key redemption system
Launcher operations via Xsolla Publisher Account (news, patches, promo, SKU management - no coding required)
Supports Windows and Mac OS (Linux on the way)
No cost beta and closed alpha testing, max 100 CCU

CDN costs on us

Web-to-launcher marketing attribution
Real-time, actionable analytics for Launcher usage and user data
Basic UI/UX customization via Xsolla Publisher Account (fonts, colors, background, theme - no coding required)
Advanced UI/UX customization via QML/HTML/CSS
Single and multiple-game Launcher customization templates
Passthrough content distribution networks (CDN) costs

$0.01 per GB

Binary patching for saving up to 30% of CDN budget
Deer-to-peer technology for saving up to 60% of CDN budget
Integration with any CDN and DRM platform

Upon request

Login data storage and processing
Passthrough CDN costs

$0.01 per GB

Key benefits

Xsolla Promise
White labeling
Ownership of all data
Account collaborators
99.9% uptime guarantee and service scaling
24/7 live operation and maintenance
24/7 technical support and consultation
New features every quarter

For enterprise partners

Contact us for custom development, secured by minimum revenue guarantee to Xsolla
Dedicated engineering for customization, integration, or migration work with Publisher Account
Dedicated support and maintenance

12 or 24 month minimum revenue guarantee to Xsolla

Specialized customization, including custom design and special branding

12 or 24 month minimum revenue guarantee to Xsolla

Custom research and development

12 or 24 month minimum revenue guarantee to Xsolla

Access to the Launcher source code
Cross-launcher promotion system
Dedicated project manager
Dedicated success manager
Xsolla product integrations

Xsolla Login

Xsolla Pay Station

Xsolla Store

Xsolla Buy Button

External integrations


Google Analytics



Epic Online Services

Upon request



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No integration cost or upfront payments
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Pay Station

Monetize for every economy with 700+ payment types worldwide and the best anti-fraud protection in the gaming industry. 
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Defend yourself with a best-in-class system built on experience, focused gaming expertise, and a commitment to shared success. 
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In-Game Store

Deliver the best user experience using and In-Game Store stocked with your virtual goods, virtual currencies, DLC, and more. 
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Boost loyalty, increase engagement, and build consistent revenue streams with player-friendly subscription plans. 
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Site Builder

Create a website for your game in minutes using your Steam page. 
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Buy Button

Earn more by selling pre-orders, digital and physical goods directly to your players. 
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Seamless secure one-click authentication with user rights management. 
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Partner Network

Global influencer and affiliate access to engage more players for your game. 
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