The Xsolla Transaction Engine receives, stores, and analyzes all transaction data — on every step of the customer journey — so you can focus on growth.

Xsolla Transaction Engine

  • transact
  • store
  • validate
  • track
  • manage
  • optimize
  • connect
Execute secure, correct, compliant transactions, everywhere
Let Xsolla be your Merchant of Record

Meet regulations everywhere

Xsolla is PCI DSS compliant and follows user data laws worldwide. Our tokenized, one-click payments create non-sensitive info equivalents.

Offload fraud liability

Transaction Engine applies anti-fraud rules to every payment and records all disputes and blacklisted users — giving you insights into user behavior and other analytics.

Tax correctly worldwide

Calculate when each transaction happens, based on applicable exclusive or inclusive taxes in every market, in every country and region.
Manage data for operational efficiency
Transaction Engine houses your data

Keep all product info

Merchandise, in-game purchases, shipping addresses, and game keys get stored by region — for future use, or to share with connected vendors. Price and package with no re-coding.

Offer subscriptions and promos

Record data for promotions and store subscription date info (start/end, next payment, next bonus). Automatically update billing, payments, and revenue per purchase.

Easily run affiliate programs

Keep data on programs you launch with affiliate networks and influencers, calculating revenue share, even when multiple parties are involved.
Clearly show all info, so players understand
Give concise, complete customer order summaries

Give a detailed receipt

Gamers see their order total, showing balance owed and discounts.

Build trust

Purchase price is always in a player’s local currency — at a pre-calculated rate.

Tax correctly by location

We clearly break out a summary of VAT, local sales taxes, and all other taxes.
Reconcile every transaction, completely and accurately
Get paid faster, your way

See real-time reporting

Review the financials however and whenever you like. Customizing billing fields gives you the exact information you need for tracking.

Get payments your way

We’ll deliver your funds in a single payout of one or many currencies, from all your customers’ different payment methods and currencies.

Watch your progress

Connect Google and Facebook Analytics through your central Xsolla account, so you can track all major user journey events.
Smoothly handle complex payment processes
Run your operation like a pro

Access everything in central Xsolla account

Hold all transactional data in a single place, so you can easily see where you stand, at any time.

Operate easily as a team

Share account access and set up permissions tailored to each team member’s responsibilities and needs.

Get and give top-notch support

We record all data from each request, across every channel — email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Messenger.
Earn maximum revenue at every point in the transaction life cycle
Increase business with the power of information

Price to convert

Forecast revenue by currency and region. Get performance and sales planning insights instantly, then offer the right price per area, based on gamer preferences and needs.

Watch key metrics

Stay on top of in-game measurements — like lifetime value, retention, and churn — so you can solve problems that pop up by course-correcting in real time.

Monitor everything

Transaction Engine centralizes all billing, surfacing anomalies. And our business intel simulator lets you create a portfolio of projects to simulate a new one.
Accept 700+ payment methods worldwide
Only Xsolla makes it possible

Reach more gamers

Let players pay their way. Accept more than 130 currencies from over 200 regions, in 20 languages.

Maximize sales

Integrate any payment provider, from global credit cards to local digital wallets and banks, and even cash-based payments.

Integrate easily

Access every Transaction Engine capability with our unified API, designed to seamlessly give you all the information you need.

Explore the solutions powered by our Transaction Engine

As transactions are processed, data feeds into your Publisher Account, where our Business Engine recommends solutions to address your specific needs.

Level up today — whether you’re
a startup or a global powerhouse