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Fast & Friendly

Game dev focused

Use templates designed to achieve your goals, from selling game keys to engaging with your community.

Easy to create

Set up your site with no specialized technical skills or website design experience required.

No upfront costs

Start building your site and making sales right away.



Game keys, pre-orders, founder's packs

Choose your distribution method and start selling. Demo →
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Customer-Funded Development

Build your game’s content with financial support from loyal fans. Demo →
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Web store

Sell in-game items through a fully integrated web store. Demo →
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Launch your site today

white-label customization 


Use your Steam assets

Build a website based on your existing Steam project.

Add Discord and Twitch

Show off gameplay, organize AMA sessions, and allow players to connect and chat about your game.

Share news

Keep your audience informed about updates, patch notes, and new merch sales.

Drive email subscriptions

Start collecting e-mail addresses before your game's release. Manage user groups and send out e-mails via Mailchimp integration.

Assemble custom pages

Tailor one of our professionally designed templates to craft a unique look and feel for your site, and create an intuitive user experience to match.

Display FAQs

Include Frequently Asked Questions to help your audience quickly find answers to their needs.
Marketing Tools 

make data-driven decisions

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor your site's performance through metrics like visitor count, page views, and conversions.

Google Tag Manager

Manage JavaScript and HTML tags used to track your site's traffic.

Google Optimize

Deliver a more engaging customer experience through A/B testing, website testing, and personalization tools.

Google Analytics

Use detailed reports to track your site's traffic and get in-depth, actionable information.

Facebook Pixel

Measure, optimize, and build audiences for your advertising campaigns.

Twitter Pixel

Follow what actions users take after viewing or engaging with your content.

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all-in-one tool 

Tech benefits

Manage your websitesafely

CDN hosting
We help you deliver digital content anywhere in the world — quickly, efficiently, and safely.
HTTPS certificate
We provide you with free SSL Certificates to protect sensitive information such as credit card data, usernames, and passwords.
Version control
We record change history when you publish updates, so you can easily revert to earlier versions if needed.

Personalizecontent at-scale

Custom domain
Secure a unique, branded URL for your online presence.
Custom HTML
Use the custom HTML widget if you want to add unique functionality to your website.
Easily create a multi-language website for users across the world.
all-in-one tool 


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What I can sell with Site Builder?

Game keys, founder’s packs, pre-orders, subscriptions, and more.

Can I drag and drop blocks around the site?

Yes, you can easily move most blocks, with the exception of the header and footer.

Can users subscribe to my newsletter?

Yes, you can add a prompt for newsletter subscription with a Call-to-Action (CTA) block.

Is there a social sharing option?

Yes, you can add a social sharing block in the page header, and adjust settings for sharing options, such as a title image and description.

Can I add social media feeds to give real-time updates?

Yes, currently you can add Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Twitch widgets to display your real-time social media content.

What languages are available to include on my website through Site Builder?

You can integrate up to 20 world languages using the appropriate widget block in Site Builder. For each language section, you will need to fill in the text, as there is no direct built-in translation.

What is the return policy on game keys purchased through a Site Builder webpage?

Our general return policy is:

  • • Anything that was not redeemed is eligible for a refund
  • • The first unwanted subscription period renewal is eligible for a one-time courtesy refund, if the player contacts us within 48 hours of the charge
  • • Pre-orders that don’t include immediately delivered content, such as a demo or activation key, are eligible for a refund

  • Note that there are some country-specific variations on this return policy. You can contact us for more information.

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