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Take Your Web Shop Even Further

October 20, 2022
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Make Your Web Shop Your Own

With Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games, you can roll out a custom online shop for your mobile game and sell in-app items, virtual currencies, and even subscriptions. All on your own website or via the third-party platform you choose. Thanks to these latest updates,  you can take customization even further and tailor your shop to your game’s specific needs Timed Promotions Promotions have always been a great way to turn non-paying players into paying fans, and they also reward your loyal customers for sticking around. Now, promotions are getting even better. The latest updates to Web Shop allow you to limit the number of specific promotions any user can redeem. With this feature enabled, give your users a taste and leave them wanting more while maintaining game balance. In addition, you can show users how long a limited promotion will be available, providing them with a ticking clock that suggests, “Act now, or this deal will be gone.” This is a valuable and effective way to encourage users to make a purchase or an excellent way to run regular timed promotions that change according to your schedule. Personalization To access personalized offers and bundles, players will need to authenticate their accounts. Now, you can use whatever authentication method you prefer, whether it is Player ID, or virtually any other method you use for your game. You can also set rules for individual users and groups of users and import those rules automatically from your existing game database. In addition, you can set up personalization rules on the Web Shop side by creating and defining user attributes. Individual items and bundles will still have to be imported to your Web Shop, but player personalization can be imported directly from your game when they log in, saving valuable time and allowing you to easily customize what bundles and offers they see. Thanks to the new Country Restriction feature, you can choose what countries and regions can see your Web Shop, giving you greater control over what you offer and where. For example, you can restrict your Web Shop to be available only to players in South America, or MENA, allowing them to see specialized offers exclusive to their region. Web Shop Template With the new Tab Mode, you can now create tabs for specific areas of your store. Want a page only for currency? Create a tab! Want a page with the latest skins? Create a tab! Users can quickly find what they’re looking for, and you can have more items with greater visibility, allowing for easier browsing and a speedier purchase process.


When you’re ready to start using these new features, head to your Xsolla Publisher Account, an easy-to-use, all-in-one control center that lets you set up and manage every Xsolla product you need to optimize and monetize your games. Contact an expert from our team to learn more about reducing your workload and providing simple solutions that allow you to publish your game across multiple platforms. We’re always happy to help you take the next step in your business success.
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