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Core features

Influencers programs
Influencer program setup and configuration
Influencers invitation tool
Requirement-based influencer matchmaking
Branded program portal for influencers
Game key and promo materials distribution
Tracking links generation and distribution
Custom promo codes with discount generation and distribution
Distribute your influencer programs to Keymailer and other third parties
Influencer revenue share disclosure at checkout
Purchase alerts in Twitch and YouTube for streamers
Chatbot for Twitch
Direct messaging to connected influencers from your dashboard
Influencer marketplace for promoting your program (
Affiliate Networks programs
Affiliate network program setup and configuration
Restricted traffic sources configuration
Branded affiliate marketing engine and custom URL
Program promotion and distribution by Xsolla to interested affiliate networks
Web Game Portals program
Web Game distribution program configuration and setup
Distribution support by Xsolla to web game portals
Reporting and payouts
Aggregated dashboards with results across all partner programs
Automatic multi-currency payouts

Key benefits

Xsolla Promise
Ownership of all data
Access a global network of 650K+ influencers and 50+ affiliate networks
Collaborate with thousands of program partners through a single integration and agreement
Easy-to-use management tool and a comprehensive, intuitive dashboard
New features every quarter
Xsolla product integrations

Xsolla Payments

Xsolla Buy Button

Xsolla Store

Xsolla Subscriptions

Xsolla Login

Xsolla Site Builder

External integrations




Creator Tag

Setup for Tiers and Benefits System

Twitch Drops Campaigns

Influencers Sponsorship Campaigns

Game Keys Digital Marketplace Distribution

Third-party integration API


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Pay Station

Monetize for every economy with 700+ payment types worldwide and the best anti-fraud protection in the gaming industry. 
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Defend yourself with a best-in-class system built on experience, focused gaming expertise, and a commitment to shared success. 
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Deliver game content using secure and customizable game hub for your community. 
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Seamless secure one-click authentication with user rights management. 
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Site Builder

Create a website for your game in minutes using your Steam page. 
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In-Game Store

Deliver the best user experience using and In-Game Store stocked with your virtual goods, virtual currencies, DLC, and more. 
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Boost loyalty, increase engagement, and build consistent revenue streams with player-friendly subscription plans. 
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Buy Button

Earn more by selling pre-orders, digital and physical goods directly to your players. 
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