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You can use a standalone coupon to grant free items upon redemption. If your promotion requires a coupon code, you can give both purchase discounts and bonuses.

Probably because it’s a standalone coupon, which does not require purchase. In Coupon Campaign settings, leave Coupon Contents blank for it to work with a promotion.

For the initial charge, yes, but we cannot capture card details for issuing recurring charges. We’re also unable to process a subscription payment that has trial days in sandbox mode.

Yes. Refunding a payment from Publisher Account or the API will cancel the subscription linked to it.

Publisher AccountProject SettingsSubscriptions, then cancel. You can also use this method to cancel a subscription using the Store API.

The purchase description is used in the PlayStation UI and email receipts. You can set the value in the token:

Active is a live subscription where the user is expected to make another payment. Non-renewing means a cancellation is pending (due to user-requested cancellation or failure to pay within the grace period), but the user still has access to their benefits. Canceled means benefits have ceased. Frozen means the user has held their subscription - they do not have access to their benefits, but they haven’t canceled.

This parameter can be used when a user has multiple paid subscriptions to different things. The product_id would distinguish a user’s multiple subscriptions.

Yes, from Publisher Account.

Simply add “mode”:”sandbox”, under "settings": { in the widget of code. Here is an example:

      <div id=”XS-pay2play-widget”></div>


          var options = {

              access_data: {

                "settings": {

                  "mode": "sandbox",

If this doesn’t work, add host: “” under target_element: "#XS-pay2play-widget", (being sure to add the “,” at the end of target_element: “#XS-pay2play-widget"). Alternatively, you can perform live payments and refund them in the publisher account under the support tab. Be sure to tell your Integration Manager, so we can whitelist your card!

If you’re embedding the Pay Station widget in your own web page, simply add a bit to the code to hide the entire Your Platform area. In “digital_content” under access data, add:

{ "digital_content": "SKU", "drm": "drmfree" }

If the paystation widget is being used on a site builder page, please contact your integration manager for more assistance.

We automatically re-send a payment webhook that gets no response (or a 500 response) 12 times. After this, we put the payment into error status, after which we can manually re-send the webhook, or the payment can be canceled. You can find more information here.



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