Xsolla Partner Network lets you earn more revenue, build your audience, and support your favorite developers by doing what you already love to do – delivering engaging, creative gaming content.


Earn up to 50% of revenue from attributed sales you help generate, with bonuses like early access and free game keys – all while organically growing your following by playing the games you love.


Xsolla Partner Network is free to join and simple to use, with one-click signup and an intuitive dashboard that delivers easy access to new offers and comprehensive analytics to track your progress.


All Partner Network programs are set up by the developers themselves, so your attributed sales directly support and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem by helping them fund new titles and updates.

How it works

Sign up for a Partner Network account. Join now
Choose from the list of available programs.
Post content using the tracking link provided.
Collect your share.


What is Xsolla Partner Network?

Xsolla Partner Network is a tool that enables game developers to support their hardworking community of content creators through revenue-sharing programs. By working with game developers directly, Xsolla enables developers to offer a greater percentage of attributed sales to the content creators whose skill and passion often drive the conversation in their games’ player communities.

What is Xsolla?

Xsolla is the gaming industry hub built by players to bring out gaming’s best. We provide an integrated suite of tools and services designed to give all game developers the opportunity to launch, monetize, and scale their games for a worldwide audience.

One of those tools – Xsolla Partner Network – came from our developer partners’ desire to support their hardworking communities of content creators more directly than before.

Will I actually get what I earn?

Xsolla collects all of its fees up front, and applies no middleman fees or other hidden charges to your earnings. The revenue share listed for a Partner Network program is exactly what you receive for a successfully attributed sale.

The only exception to this is anything that’s out of Xsolla’s control (e.g. bank transfer fee), or programs that offer discount codes.

How do I get started?

To join Xsolla Partner Network, simply connect the social media account of your choice.

Many programs in our directory have different minimum follower requirements, so you may not be able to access every one.

How should I promote tracking links?

There are a number of ways to promote the tracking link for a Partner Network program you are participating in, and it’s up to you to decide which one works for you.

To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of best practices, suggestions, and tips from high-performing members of Partner Network, which you can read here.

For reference, the use of link shorteners is OK, as they will not affect the ability of Partner Network to attribute sales.

Have other questions? Please contact us directly for more help.