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Mobile DevelopersTAKE YOUR MOBILE GAME TO NEW MARKETSWe designed an integrated suite of products to work at any stage of your mobile game development cycle. Our solutions are modular and adaptive for your specific needs and are most potent when implemented together.
MORE WAYS TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS GLOBALLYFlexible options to embed the industry leading payments platform into your game to provide your players with a streamlined checkout experience.Key features:
  • Customizable mobile-first UI components
  • Streamlined payment flow with mobile wallets
  • 700+ payments methods supported worldwide
Web Shop
EVERYTHING THE APP STORES DO AND MORESave on transaction fees, keep your conversion rate high, and find new players by driving social and web traffic to your own Web Shop online.Key features:
  • Build a white label payment experience on your website
  • Expand to emerging markets
  • Capture more revenue with subscriptions
  • Create personalized promotions and storefronts
Multi-Platform Publishing
EXPAND YOUR MOBILE GAME TO PC AND WEBStreamline content distribution to players all around the world, no matter their preferred device.Key features:
  • Connect directly with an engaged audience from your platform-agnostic website
  • Use smart analytics to engage repeat customers
  • Reach new players and save on platform fees
OPTIMIZE BUSINESS OPERATIONS WITH PAYOUTSXsolla Payouts helps streamline payouts for game developers, publishers, UGC platforms, digital product platforms, and marketplaces.
  • Payout to anyone, everywhere
  • Simplify your payout strategy
  • Verify users and reduce risk
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