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Bandai Co., Ltd. partners with Xsolla to launch the "Tamaverse Ticket Shop" online

April 16, 2024
"Tamagotchi Uni" is Powered by the Xsolla Web Shop technology to Support Player Engagement and Digital Content Sales Globally LOS ANGELES & TOKYO - APRIL 16, 2024 - Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, has successfully helped power the Tokyo-based game Tamagotchi Uni, a Bandai Co., Ltd. service offered through the Xsolla Web Shop technology. Specializing in advanced game payment solutions for developers across various platforms, including mobile, PC, cloud, and the web, Xsolla is committed to enhancing player engagement and fulfilling the needs of gamers around the globe. This partnership is set to provide "Tamagotchi Uni" users with a convenient payment environment for purchasing and downloading digital content, enabling them to play and pay for their gaming experience in any way they want. Additionally, leveraging this solution to support payment solutions in various countries worldwide contributes to securing global reach, scale, and revenue for "Tamagotchi Uni. David Stelzer, President of Xsolla, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: "Partnering with Bandai Co., Ltd. to integrate our cutting-edge payment solutions into 'Tamagotchi Uni' represents a significant milestone. This partnership goes beyond technology integration; it's about enhancing the gaming experience for users worldwide and expanding 'Tamagotchi Uni's revenue streams."

About Tamaverse Ticket Shop

"Tamaverse Ticket Shop," a digital commerce site where you can directly purchase "Tamaverse Tickets" to play "Tamagotchi Uni" from the website. By entering the download code obtained from the shop into "Tamagotchi Uni," users can download various items, including limited nurturing characters and unique customization options for their Uni Tama. For more information about Tamaverse Ticket Shop: ticketshop.tamagotchi-official.com

About Xsolla Webshop

Xsolla is a user-direct commerce solution for mobile games. Selling in-game currency and items on a web page stimulates game monetization. Additionally, it can reduce platform fees and enhance game revenue. In the past 18 months, Xsolla has assisted 210+ games in launching Web Shops. Xsolla provides access to over 700 payment methods worldwide, enabling localized monetization in Japan and in 200+ countries globally. For more information about Xsolla Webshop: xsolla.com/mobile-web-shop

About Xsolla

Xsolla is a global video game commerce company with a robust and powerful set of tools and services designed specifically for the industry. Since its founding in 2005, Xsolla has helped thousands of game developers and publishers of all sizes fund, market, launch, and monetize their games globally and across multiple platforms. As an innovative leader in game commerce, Xsolla’s mission is to solve the inherent complexities of global distribution, marketing, and monetization to help our partners reach more geographies, generate more revenue, and create relationships with gamers worldwide. Headquartered and incorporated in Los Angeles, California, with offices in London, Berlin, Beijing, Guangzhou, Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Raleigh, and cities around the world, Xsolla supports major gaming titles like Valve, Roblox, Epic Games, Take-Two, KRAFTON, Nexters, NetEase, Playstudios, Playrix, miHoYo, and more. For additional information and to learn more, please visit: xsolla.com

About Tamagotchi Uni

This is the latest model of the Tamagotchi series, where users worldwide can participate in events by connecting to Wi-Fi. Tamagotchi, raised by users worldwide, gathers in the "Tamaverse" metaverse and downloads various items.

About Bandai

Planning, development, manufacturing, and marketing of toys, capsule toys, cards, candy toys, confectionery and foods, apparel, sundries, and other products.
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Derrick Stembridge
Global Director of Public Relations, Xsolla
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