Developing a gaming masterpiece requires a unique combination of art, technology, and business — and we've got the business side covered for you.

Join us at GDC 2022 and discover how we can help expand your video game commerce in the changing games industry.

Moscone South, Booth S657


Payments for Enterprise

Accept more payments in more ways. Organize and automate the complex payment process with a system built for the games industry. Quickly implement with any platform via API or SDK for Unity and UE4 in 20+ languages with 24/7 gamer support.

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Web Shop for Mobile Games

Create a custom online store on your site to sell in-game goods and virtual currencies, find new players worldwide, and accept 700+ payment methods in 200+ regions. All this for only 5% per transaction.


Xsolla Funding matches developers with qualified investors and publishers through specialized platforms such as Xsolla Funding Club and Xsolla Game Investment Platform.

Planet of Lana
Q4 2021
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Moscone South, Booth S657

Join Xsolla at this year’s Game Developers Conference, and let's explore how we can help your game succeed during this transformative time in the industry.

A lot is happening right now, from new legal regulations in the mobile games space to tech giants expanding their games portfolio, and it's the perfect time to prepare for what's coming next.

March 22nd
Let's explore how we can help your game succeed during this transformative time in the industry.
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Speaking Sessions


Xsolla is committed to helping your business thrive in the games industry. Join our team live as they share industry updates and their expertise on the tools and services available for you.

Tuesday, March 22nd

Going Global, Staying Local: Helping Game Developers Succeed

Moscone West,
Room 3020

Chris Hewish

President at Xsolla

People have turned to games in record numbers over the last two years - whether they’re looking to connect with others in massive multiplayer arenas or find a solo escape with a simple mobile platformer.

Those record numbers have resulted in record growth. Global games revenue is projected to reach $200 billion for the first time this year, and the number of players around the world will climb past the three billion mark.

Those numbers may sound impressive, but what do they mean for you as a game developer? That’s where Xsolla comes in.

Join Xsolla President Chris Hewish as he shares details about new solutions designed to enhance mobile revenue, expand digital distribution, and even connect developers with funding opportunities.

Tuesday, March 22nd

Inside the Walled Payment Garden: A Guide to Mobile Market Freedom

Moscone West,
Room 3020

Anthony Mendoza

Director Business Development, Global Liaison

Miikka Luotio

Regional Director, Europe at Xsolla

Mobile game developers and publishers can now take better control of their game monetization efforts. Why? Because significant changes to policies and regulations have been happening in the mobile gaming space, and more change is on the way! Devs can now market directly to players, encourage purchases through third-party payment options, and process transactions in new regions with security and confidence.

But there are still many questions to address, and Xsolla's experts can help chart a course through the changing global landscape. In this session, Anthony Mendoza and Miikka Luotio share a frank discussion on how developers can break into mobile gaming's 'walled payment garden' and grow their game just as Nexters, NetEase, NCSoft, and many others have already done.

Tuesday, March 22nd

Game of Funds: Success is Coming

Moscone West,
Room 3020

Justin Berenbaum

GM at Xsolla Funding

David Martinez

Co-Founder, Raw Fury

Lily Goldner

Business Development Manager - Funding & Investment at Xsolla

Ken Seto

CEO & Co-Founder,
 Massive Damage Games

Are you curious about the real process of securing funding and landing a publisher? Join Xsolla and our panel of guests as we explore the partnership between a successful publisher and studio. Justin Berenbaum, General Manager of Xsolla Funding hosts our special guests, David Martinez from Raw Fury and Ken Seto from Massive Damage Games in a fireside chat, where you’ll discover how to improve your chances and create business alliances. Stop on by and join us for an unforgettable session at GDC 2022.

Tuesday, March 22nd

Beyond Credit: Taking Advantage of Emerging Payment Methods Worldwide

Moscone West,
Room 3020

Berkley Egenes

VP of Marketing at Xsolla

Jurgen Avina

Business Development, LATAM at Xsolla

Roy Keren

Director of Strategy at Xsolla

Zachary Srot

Business Development, US at Xsolla

Sebastian Zechel

Business Development, EU at Xsolla

"Cash, check or charge?" It used to be that there were only three options when handling payments. Now there are hundreds. As companies seek to expand their reach into more markets worldwide, new payment methods are popping up, seemingly daily. With more ways to pay than ever before, more people have access to gaming in ways they never did before. This market expansion will lead to endless opportunities, as well as many potential pitfalls.

Join Xsolla's Berkley Egenes and a panel of regional experts to find out how to control the chaos and take advantage of emerging payment methods from around the globe.

Tuesday, March 22nd

"Things I Wish I Knew Sooner" About the Game Industry

Moscone West,
Room 3020

Sam Gaglani

EVP of Global Business Development & Partnerships at Xsolla

Have you ever wondered, "If I could do it all over again, what would I do differently?" Unfortunately, time travel isn't real... yet. Until that happens, we've got the next best thing for you.

Xsolla's Sam Gaglani hosts a panel of games industry pros who've "been there, done that" as they share their wisdom and insights. They will focus on topics that affect developers at any studio and discuss things they wish they had known sooner about working in the industry, like the importance of culture fit.

Tuesday, March 22nd

Hybrid Times: Game Developers Sound Off on Working from Home, Compensation, and Career

Moscone West,
Room 3020

Kirill Tokarev

Head of 80.LV & Market Research

The past few years brought changes to gaming and the people working to produce games. 80 Level asked the gaming community about recent challenges and opportunities. 800+ game developers shared their experiences about working and getting paid. Kirill Tokarev presents survey responses from participants that reveal more about our past and what they believe the future has in store.

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