Instant access to our powerful game commerce solutions with natively integrated SDKs for the Unity game engine.
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A ready-to-use toolset that includes all the modules you need to manage monetization and player accounts for your game. Import assets into your project to begin using them right away and safely test payments in sandbox mode.

Simple in-game sales

Easily integrate an in-game store, player authorization system, cross-platform inventory, global payments, and more, into any Unity game or application.

Modular and customizable

Mix and match any of the included Xsolla products that you need, and intuitively design your store to match perfectly with your mobile, PC, or WebGL game.

Demo quick start

Use the built-in demo as your integration guide or a template to quickly embed Xsolla services into any project, and even make test payments before launch.
Essential features
Support for different types of in-game purchases
Create and manage an in-game catalog of virtual items, virtual currencies, DLC, subscriptions, bundles, and more.
User management across all platforms
Works for your mobile, PC, or WebGL game. Easily authenticate players, sync on all platforms, and review analytics.
Global payments with local compliance
Accept payments in 200+ countries, 130+ currencies, and 20 languages. Xsolla handles compliance with local regulations and taxes.
Cross-platform storage
Get access to Xsolla-hosted, cross-platform storage with a database of players who own premium virtual items and currencies.
Battle passes
Set up a seasonal set of rewards with multiple levels, free and premium items, bundles, and prices set in virtual currency or real money.
Build and design intuitively
Customize the UI to your specifications and match your game's aesthetic, using a Theme management system and Prefab manager.
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