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Xsolla Summer Product Announcement

Summer is in high gear at Xsolla. We’ve been busy adding new features and improving our product suite to give you the best tools to help you keep delivering for your players.

From new SDKs for payments to customized subscription solutions, mobile in-game store options, and a new ZenDesk Chat integration, we’re helping you improve how you sell your video games and connect with your players.

New Feature: Xsolla Payments SDKs for Unity & Unreal Engine

Accepting payments just got a whole lot simpler. Xsolla Payments SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine let you access over 700 payment methods worldwide from the same workspace where you're already building your next amazing title. It's just one more that way Xsolla can help you increase your revenue without the need for additional back-end development.

Benefits to you:

  1. Set up a natively integrated SDK with ease, available right from the Unity Asset Store or UE4 Marketplace
  2. Save time without the need to implement side services to support payments
  3. No upfront costs with our standard performance-based pricing

How to get started:

New and existing partners:

New Feature: Dispute Management Interface

To provide greater transparency for disputed transactions, Xsolla has developed a Dispute Management interface within your Publisher Account. This feature helps you track individual dispute details, such as the reason for each dispute and who won, and also provides a summary that includes your overall win rate, the total amount Xsolla has helped you to save, and more.

We're confident that having more access to your dispute management record will give you greater peace of mind about how we handle this crucial element of your gaming business.

Benefits to you:

  1. Access key details of individual disputed transactions and dispute outcomes
  2. Track overall dispute management trends that have a direct impact on the success of your business
  3. Gain a deeper understanding of how well Xsolla performs dispute management on your behalf as your Merchant of Record

How to get started:

New and existing partners: Visit the Disputes under Support inside Xsolla Publisher Account

New Solution: Subscriptions for F2P Games

Our new Subscriptions for F2P Games solution makes it easy to seamlessly integrate a subscriptions program to unlock additional in-game features for your players.

Xsolla Subscriptions for F2P Games makes it easier for you to offer premium features, create tiered plans, grow your paying user base, and create more loyal players. Managing this solution is easy to do from your Publisher Account dashboard via the interface or API. For more information, download the Subscriptions for F2P Games one-pager.

Now you can easily customize their subscription programs without implementation services from Xsolla:

  • Option to display Subscriptions on Pay Station
  • Allow cancellations with refunds via Pay Station
  • Enable players to choose different plans and upgrade

Benefits to you:

  1. Increase player engagement and provide greater opportunities to build and retain a community of loyal fans
  2. Diversify and manage monetization risk while encouraging long-term player retention
  3. Create new content that gives paying players a reason to come back daily, weekly, or monthly, generating a revenue stream you can forecast

How to get started:

New Solution: In-Game Store for Android SDKs

Xsolla In-Game Store for Android SDKs give you an easy and efficient way to monetize your game through a custom mobile storefront that's compatible with third-party marketplaces, versus more expensive platforms.

With our SDKs for Unity and UE4, you can save time with code-free integration, opt for server or serverless integration, and save on costly platform fees.

Benefits to you:

  1. Save up to 25% per transaction versus major digital distribution platforms with our standard 5% Xsolla fee, plus applicable service fees from payment providers
  2. Get a multifunctional ecommerce tool to sell any item, accept any currency, create promotions, and build subscriptions
  3. Set up a natively integrated SDK with ease inside your preferred game engine or other development platform

How to get started:

New Feature: Sell Virtual Items & Currency with Site Builder

Xsolla Site Builder’s new connection with In-Game Store lets you sell virtual items and virtual currencies directly to players from your own online storefront. You can now integrate a global ecommerce platform in minutes and sell directly to players from your customized landing page in addition to your in-game store. Purchases are instantly synced in-game, so players don’t have to wait to enjoy their goods.

Benefits to you:

  1. Create a powerful new revenue stream that’s simple and easy to set up, with zero coding
  2. Create, publish, and profit from a custom landing page that you can set up in minutes

How to get started:

New Feature: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Xsolla Login lets your players use a single account to authenticate their IDs across multiple connected services. The game website works as a service that only requires a user to log in with their credentials once. After the initial authentication, the user can access all your connected services without needing to log in to each one separately.

Benefits to you:

  1. Improves security capabilities
  2. Combines with Risk-Based Authentication (RBA)
  3. Streamlines user experience

How to get started:

New and existing partners: Integrate Xsolla Login and follow the Single Sign-On recipe

New Feature: Integration with Zendesk Chat

We’re making it easier for you to support Zendesk Chat for your gaming business. Integration with Zendesk Chat allows you to check whether the Zendesk Chat visitor is an Xsolla Login user or not. Xsolla Login user accounts can be managed via Publisher Account. Once you set up the integration, the external_id parameter that’s used on Zendesk’s side corresponds with the user ID in your Login project.

Benefits to you:

  1. Seamlessly manage support requests on Zendesk inside Publisher Account

How to get started:

New and existing partners: Integrate Xsolla Login and follow the Zendesk Chat recipe

Additional Updates

Xsolla Pay Station

Added new payment methods in Southeast Asia (SEA):


20% of Indonesians prefer to use digital wallets.

  • Go-Pay (digital wallet)
  • OVO (digital wallet)
  • DANA (digital wallet)
  • LinkAja (digital wallet)
  • Indomaret (cash payments)
  • Smartfren (mobile payments)


  • TrueMoney Wallet (digital wallet)
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