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Keep your Flash game alive with Xsolla Launcher

Do you have a Flash game that’s too complex to port to another HTML-enabled engine like Unity? 

As you’re aware, Adobe shut down Flash and blocked content that runs on Flash Player beginning on January 12, 2021. This brought an end to millions of websites and web games. It’s been a slow death for a technology that helped developers create interactive web content and sparked a video game revolution.

Save your Flash game

The problem

The demise of Flash impacts more than 250,000 games that are now no longer accessible to players worldwide. Many game developers don’t have the resources to move their games from Flash to another platform. Maybe your game is among those that were left in the lurch. What can you do?

Xsolla may be the answer. We’ve already helped some of our clients breathe new life into their Flash-based games in a matter of days. 

The solution

Xsolla Launcher is a customizable tool that optimizes content delivery costs while centralizing modules for everything from virtual currency to news and banners. Developers can continue to provide players access to their games without losing revenue. They can also offer a standalone version of their game while creating a customizable hub and community for their players. 

Main features: 

  • Multigame support that provides the ability to download, launch, and play numerous games in one Launcher app
  • Game distribution system that lets you distribute both free-to-play games and premium games
  • In-game store with customizable UI so you can change themes, fonts and images 
  • Multi-platform user authentication via Xsolla Login API methods for user authentication with its own visual form
  • Supports localization into 20 languages 
  • Windows and Mac support, with Linux support expected 
  • Automated delivery of Launcher updates and games with P2P/CDN 
  • Convenient setup via Xsolla Publisher Account UI

As a game delivery system, the main function of Launcher is to get your games and updates to players without a browser. In most cases, Launcher can be set up to distribute your Flash game in three days and it doesn’t require integrating with any other Xsolla services. 

This solution is not only reserved for big enterprise companies, either. Indie developers stand to benefit as well because it doesn’t require a lot of resources or complex coding to set up and keep your Flash game accessible to your players.  

Benefits for you:

  • Keep your Flash game, audience base, and revenue streams going
  • Build a gaming hub and make your game available globally.
  • Create a player community and improve player communication.
  • Control and customize the design of your launcher. 

Are you ready to save your Flash game? Find out how Xsolla Launcher can help you, or learn about other Xsolla products — we can even customize a solution that fits your needs.

How to get started:                       

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