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Xsolla Spring 2021 Product Release

At Xsolla’s Los Angeles headquarters, spring has blown in on a cool ocean breeze, clearing away the winter chills. With spring’s energy, we are proud to announce a ton of new product updates. From new payment methods and Visa anti-fraud features, to enhanced virtual item attributes and new influencer payout solutions, we continue to bring you tools and solutions that help you up your game.

New Feature: New payment provider and lower fees in Japan

We’ve partnered with Degica, a new payment provider and one of the biggest fintech companies in Japan to allow for more alternative payment methods in this top ranked games market. Degica offers a wide range of payment methods, including Konbini, bank transfers, Pay-Easy, BitCash, NetCash, LinePay, Webmoney. Additionally, we’ve negotiated lower fees for Xsolla partners with several payment methods.

Payment methods available:

  • Konbini
  • Online banking
  • PayEasy
  • BitCash
  • NetCash
  • Webmoney

Fees decreased for the launched methods: 

  • Konbini PayEasy: fee decrease from 3.2% (or fixed fee of 165 JPY, depending on purchase price amount) to 2.10%
  • PayEasy: fee decrease from 3.2% (or fixed fee of 165 JPY, depending on purchase price amount) to 2.10%
  • BitCash: fee decreased from 15.4% to 11.20%


Please be aware that when selling your products in Japanese market, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your website/landing page and products that you’re planning to sell must be localized.
  • Virtual currency must be automatically deleted from the user’s account after 6 months.

Benefits to you:

  • Provide players with a simple and convenient payment process. 
  • Provide players with separate buttons for each of the payment methods to help you identify and analyze each channel’s performance.
  • Offer players better payment fees (as described above). 

How to get started:

Existing partners: Enable all Japanese payment methods in Publisher Account

New Feature: Visa decline management system

Effective April 1, 2021, Visa changed its transaction flow for credit card purchases. This new regulation aims to mitigate fraud and increase conversion rates. Now, all issuing bank decline reasons are divided into 4 categories – each category indicates whether reattempts are allowed, how many reattempts are allowed and for how long you can keep reattempting.

Your players will see transparent error messages processed through Pay Station. The new regulation will not negatively affect your conversion rate because we won’t include those failed attempts into the conversion performance rate.

Benefits to you:

  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Less fraud and higher conversion rates

How to get started:

This is available for all partners by default in Pay Station.

New Feature: Multipage website

We’ve added a new template in Site Builder to allow you to create a multipage website. This feature helps you create a website with multiple pages with a menu and navigation. 

Benefits to you:

  • Ability to create a main landing page with a list of all your games.
  • Ability to create a page for a specific game that better describes its benefits to your players.
  • Multipage websites rank better in Google search. That means more organic traffic for your game website and the potential to increase your game sales.

How to get started:

Send a request to our account management team at

New Feature: Top-up page

The top-up page template in Site Builder gives you a new monetization channel for your website that lets you easily sell in-game goods. Now you can sell in-game items or currencies individually or as bundles even if your game doesn’t have its own website. Players can make purchases after being authorized via their user ID. See how to create a top-up page.

View the Live Demo of a top-up page

Benefits to you:

  • Save money on fees with direct-to-consumer selling that decreases commission rates.
  • Drive traffic and get new players with special pricing for bundles or discounts for purchases via your website.
  • Get a new point of sale via your website.

How to get started:

  1. In Publisher Account, go to your project > Site Builder.
  2. Choose Top-up page template when create a LP.
  3. Add in-game goods to sell.

New Feature: In-game Item Attributes

This feature allows you to add more characteristics to in-game items or link to events and conditions. This includes genre, color, size, item type, and so on. See In-Game Store Attributes documentation.

Benefits to you:

  • Allows you to create filters inside the in-game store for more convenient searching  of items for players.
  • Set up via API or Publisher Account.

How to get started:

  1. Go to Publisher Account and enable Commerce API in Project settings. 
  2. Go to your project > Store.
  3. Create a Virtual Currency or Virtual Items.
  4. Set up an attribute when you create an item.

New Feature: Multi-currency feature

This feature gives you  the opportunity to set up different prices in different currencies for the same plan. That means you can offer your players more affordable prices, depending on how you set up the plan.

The currency is determined by the user’s country, and the country is determined by different parameters. For example, user’s choice of country in Pay Station, user’s browser localization, the billing country of the user’s payment method, user’s IP address, country the user’s phone is registered to, and the BIN country specifically for credit card and issuing bank information.

Benefits to you:

  • Set relevant prices for every region.
  • Get more revenue because you can offer your players more affordable plans.
  • Fraud is eliminated because each region is defined by multiple characteristics.

How to get started:

  1. Go to Publisher Account
  2. Enable the Subscription product and create a plan. 
  3. Set up several prices in different currencies.

New Feature: Set First Payment Amount

This feature lets you change the cost of the first payment of a subscription plan purchased by a user. You can set a higher or lower price for the first subscription billing payment and a standard price for the subsequent payments in the user’s subscription plan. By giving you the flexibility to set a different price for the first payment, you can market your subscription plans to players by offering a discount for starting a new subscription, for example.

Benefits to you:

  • Get a new way to promote plans like offering the user a discount on the first month.
  • Use this feature to market subscription plans and increase revenue.
  • Add new subscribers by offering a more affordable price for subscriptions.

How to get started:

  1. In Publisher Account, go to your project > Subscriptions.
  2. Create a new subscription plan or choose the existing one.
  3. In the Payment information section, select the Set price with a setup fee option.
  4. Specify the plan price for USD. To do this, fill in the Setup fee and Price fields. See How to increase first payment for subscription

New Solution: Xsolla Influencer Payouts Solution

Xsolla’s new Influencer Payouts solution allows developers to easily manage safe and secure payouts to influencers who promote their games. Whether you’re an indie developer or an enterprise-level one, this convenient and efficient tool automates performance-based payments to content creators. Its tiered structure can quickly be customized and scaled to reach influencers at all levels around the world.

Partners who have used this solution include PUBG, OWN3D, Xsplit, Dual Universe.

Benefits to you:

  • Multiple options for influencer compensation models gives you full control over your compensation strategy. Choose from:

- Revenue share from attributed game and in-game purchase 

- Revenue share and attributed sales through different platforms with Creator tag

- Sponsorship

- Collective revenue share 

  • Create transparent relationships with influencers and offer a result-based compensation model.
  • Customization lets you create a fully branded and dedicated environment for your Influencer Account.
  • Offer payouts to influencers for a game on any platform (e.g., mobile, PC, or web).
  • Xsolla handles all legal aspects of negotiations with influencers.

How to get started:

Existing partners: contact your Account Manager at for setup.

New Service: Xsolla Exit Strategies

We've launched Xsolla Exit Strategies to help match developers with video game industry-focused advisors that can prepare an exit strategy based on their studio's requirements. Whether you're working to sell your game or studio, complete your exit, or trying to find a buyer for your controlling stake in a studio, Xsolla Exit Strategies  can help you prepare to speak with a professional to help you meet your final goal.

Sell your game or studio

Find a buyer for your game, your studio, or both

Studio wind-down

Complete your exit strategy process with confidence

Sell your controlling stake

Find a buyer for your controlling stake in a studio

How to get started:

Apply at

Disclaimer: Xsolla Principal Advisors will not receive any fees or compensation in connection with the matching and referral of clients to financial advisors as described in the foregoing, and will have no involvement in negotiating the terms of, or executing, any transaction that may ultimately result from any such referral.

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