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Xsolla Spring Product Announcement

Our goal at Xsolla has always been simple — to help you operate your business and sell more games.

The world is experiencing unique pressures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so for the gaming industry, it’s more important than ever to operate efficiently and provide great content to a growing audience of players.

We’ve been hard at work on new solutions designed to make your life (and your job) easier. We’re especially proud to introduce Xsolla Business Engine, a revolutionary system that connects you with our vast industry network, and provides access to revenue and growth opportunities tailored to your business — all available from your Publisher Account dashboard.

And this is only the beginning. There’s a lot going on at Xsolla, a lot of new ways to help you market, sell, connect, and optimize your game — more efficiently and in more places worldwide.

Spotlight: Introducing Xsolla Business Engine

We’re excited to announce the launch of Xsolla Business Engine, a unified data-driven system designed to provide customized recommendations and access to our vast network of resources to drive revenue and growth for your company, before you even know you need it.

Based on information about your project, Business Engine presents the most relevant Xsolla solutions for your development stage, monetization type and platform. On your Publisher Account dashboard, our analytics-driven recommendation system shares advanced solutions, new features, and opportunities to optimize your current integration via opportunity cards, specifically chosen for you. In addition, these opportunity cards help you access Xsolla’s expertise and relationships with investors, digital creators, influencers, web distribution channels, banks and payment providers.

“Through automation and data analysis of your business, we’re making it easy to determine the next steps for your revenue and growth strategy. Opportunities such as business connections, or easy-to-integrate solutions selected for your specific needs in key areas including marketing, monetization and payment solutions.” – Chris Hewish, President, Xsolla

There are three main components of Business Engine:

  • Solutions catalog – Input your information on and see all of the solutions that are relevant to your business.
  • Publisher Account dashboard – Access business recommendations for tools, services and solutions automatically picked for your business, then integrate them easily with a user-friendly integration guide.
  • Xsolla Business Engine iOS mobile app – An easy and convenient way to manage your business from your smartphone. See payout information, access recommended opportunities, manage settings, or make decisions — all from the palm of your hand.

Business Engine is the culmination of Xsolla’s 15 years of experience in the video game industry, working on over 2,000 projects worldwide. We’re thrilled to finally unveil it to our partners, as we think it will provide an incredible amount of value.

Benefits to you:

  1. Targeted, relevant revenue and growth opportunities are delivered directly to your Publisher Account with guided setups for easy integrations.
  2. Gain instant access to the relationships we’ve built with investors, digital asset creators, influencers, distribution channels, payment providers, and more.
  3. Access your dashboard and view business recommendations from anywhere with our new iOS app.

How to get started:

*For existing Xsolla partners, please note that Business Engine is only accessible in Publisher Account V4. Contact your account manager regarding migration if you are on V3.

New Feature: Refund API

Refunds are a hassle for everyone. We wanted to make the process easier for developers and players alike, ensuring every customer walks away satisfied, and your business maintains its good reputation.

Here are the new and improved options for how you can process refunds:

  • Refundable payments – Xsolla starts an automatic refund immediately, and the customer gets a receipt for the refund instantly.
  • Manual refunds – Xsolla’s customer service team refunds the customer via the Payment System merchant account. Players get their refund and a receipt within two business days.
  • Partial refunds – You can choose to partially refund credit card payments automatically from your Publisher Account.
  • Non-refundable payments – Xsolla will email the customer a summary of their refund options. This will include a balance credit that can be used for new purchases, or a PayPal wallet refund (minus fees).

Benefits to you:

  1. Refunds are now easier for all types of payments, including “nonrefundable” payments and payments that require manual refunds.
  2. Improve your customer experience and increase loyalty to your game.

How to get started:

New Feature: Customizable Email Receipts

You can now customize email receipts with an easy to use and powerful tool right inside your Publisher Account. Strengthen your brand identity by maintaining your voice throughout every communication, including messages sent by Xsolla.

Benefits to you:

Keep a consistent brand voice across all communications.

How to get started:

New Features: Partner Program Management

It’s easier than ever to manage partner programs from your Publisher Account. Visit your Partner Network tab to change descriptions and settings for live programs or invite influencers to join a program. We’ve also added the ability to change the minimum size requirements for influencer channels as well as manage whitelists and blacklists when editing active influencer programs.

Benefits to you:

  1. Partner program management is now more user-friendly.
  2. Easily boost marketing efforts by inviting influencers directly to your program.
  3. Keep game keys well-stocked with automated reminders.

How to get started:

  • New partners: Integrate Partner Network
  • Existing partners: Access new features under “Edit program” for existing partner programs, or create a new influencer program

New Feature: Launcher Manager Flow

Manager Flow simplifies integration of Xsolla Launcher with a new and more intuitive interface. Apply general settings, customize the launcher UI in preview mode, generate and download builds, and more — all from the comfort of your Publisher Account.

Benefits to you:

  1. Faster and easier to set up Launcher than ever before.
  2. Better management options with the new interface.

How to get started:

  • New partners: Integrate Launcher
  • Existing partners: Select the Publisher Account integration method when creating a new launcher

New Solutions: In-Game Store SDKs and Mobile-Out Store Solution for Unity and Unreal Engine 4

Our new In-Game Store SDKs let you build a virtual goods shop for your Unity or UE4 game without touching a single line of code. Sell consumable and nonconsumable in-game items, hard and soft virtual currencies, loot boxes, DLC packs, or anything else your imagination can conjure. New core features include the ability to make purchases via virtual wallets or real payments, a shopping cart, and serverless integration flow.

Mobile-Out Store Solution takes these SDKs a step further. With it you can quickly and easily port your in-game store from mobile to PC or web, all without any additional programming. Reach out and capture new players on new platforms to boost your revenue and grow your community.

For both of these solutions, Xsolla handles back-end tasks such as payments processing, freeing you up to focus on game development. We even offer API integration for other engines, not just Unity and Unreal.

Benefits to you:

  1. Reduce the time spent implementing side services so you can focus on game development.
  2. Run a well-stocked in-game store with promotions and coupons and bring in a tremendous amount of revenue for both free-to-play and premium titles.
  3. Reach new players on new platforms for an easy way to increase revenue.

How to get started:

New and existing partners:

Additional Releases & Updates

Xsolla Publisher Account

  • Added role-based control for projects, allowing separate access for different authorized users. Contact your account manager to activate this feature.
  • Added security improvements, including two-factor authentication (2FA).

Xsolla Pay Station

  • Added support for credit card installment payments in Brazil. This represents huge potential growth for game developers, as almost 90% of Brazilians use this feature.

Xsolla Anti-fraud

  • New anti-fraud section is now available with instant access to statistics about anti-fraud, including efficiency reports, fraudulent user transaction data, and more. You can access this section once you’ve reached 300 transactions.
  • Enhanced user segmentation and new blacklist features to provide more control over blocking fraudulent transactions.

Xsolla Site Builder

  • Added Subscriptions Module for selling subscriptions through Site Builder. Set it up by using the Customer Funded Development template when creating your Site Builder landing page, or by going to Store > Subscriptions Module, then adding your plans to the landing page via the button component’s Subscription SKU block.
  • Added a catalog of custom block templates for faster landing page design. Apply a custom font, open images in a modal window, utilize parallax scrolling effects, automatically play game trailers, control content access for unauthorized users, and display localized content based on the user’s language settings.

Xsolla Partner Network

  • Web Games Distribution Pilot option is now part of Partner Network. This feature lets teams promote their web games via distribution portals around the world. Integrate inside your Publisher Account.
  • Added advanced customization for a fully branded dedicated environment. Easily build a unique entry point for all your partner programs.
  • Added Xsolla Trusted Influencers screening options for influencer performance marketing. You can now provide influencers who complete missions and tutorials with access to additional benefits for your program.

Xsolla Login

  • Added new login options: PSN and Xbox. An achievements system is also operational, making it easy for you to provide persistent, roaming achievement and statistics tracking for your users.
  • Released new User Insights feature that provides information about anonymous users, including preferred genres, preferred platforms, average first session time, potential household income (U.S. only), and times when users typically play a game.

Xsolla Launcher

  • Added a new seamless authorization feature that uses the Xsolla Login JWT. If your users authorize via Xsolla Login, you can add a button on your website that goes directly to the launcher, letting users skip the login screen.
  • Added a new maintenance mode you can access via your Publisher Account.

Xsolla Store

  • Added the following platforms for selling game keys: Android, Oculus, Nintendo Switch, Discord, Epic Store.
  • Updated the process of setting up sale access to games that should only take developers about 5 minutes. You can also configure player authorizations to decrease fraud, sell upgrades to users where they only have to pay the price difference.
  • Released a new version of the web store API which supports shopping carts, multiple virtual currencies, and both physical and virtual goods. Check out the demo for more information.

Xsolla Funding Club

  • The new Investor Account has been set up, fully automating the matchmaking service, allowing Funding Club investors to see games that were chosen for them based on their criteria, discover games in other genres, or learn about a featured Flash Deal game.
  • Full game profiles with all pertinent information included such as game overview, studio overview, investment requirements, and more to come.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or if you need a hand integrating one of our solutions, get in touch and let us know.

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