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Xsolla Fall Product Announcement

At Xsolla, we’re looking forward to the changing colors of the leaves and the upcoming releases for new consoles and titles in time for the holiday season. The fall fun hasn’t stopped us from working hard on new features for the Xsolla Business Engine iOS app, improved disputes monitoring, new web store solutions, and other exciting updates.

New Features: Xsolla Business Engine iOS App Updates

We’re continuing to give you easy ways to manage your business from your smartphone with improvements to our Business Engine iOS app. Some new features you should check out include:

  • Payout reports to track your game’s financial performance
  • Transaction report with information about revenue, payout amount, taxes, fees and other costs with filters for custom time periods
  • In-app chat support for faster and easier help
  • Two-factor authentication settings for an extra layer of data protection

Benefits to you:

  • Fast access to the most important financial data
  • Easier communication with an Xsolla employee to ask questions or share feedback
  • Added level of security of your data with two-factor authentication via email or SMS

How to get started:

New Feature: Dispute Section in Publisher Account

The new disputes section in Publisher Account provides detailed information for all cases initiated by users who paid with bank cards and PayPal, and those may have been victims of credit card fraud. You can also find general statistics here. This new section allows partners to conveniently track the status of a certain dispute case and see the result.

We're confident that having more access to your dispute management record will give you greater peace of mind about how we handle this crucial element of your gaming business.

Benefits to you:

  • Follow information on certain disputes and certain users (for instance, to block a fraudster on your side or, alternatively, make a positive influence on the case)
  • Receive information about overall traffic
  • Learn about open disputes and, if necessary, take part in the argument (for instance, provide additional proof from your own system that Xsolla doesn’t yet have)

How to get started:

  • Visit Disputes under Support inside Xsolla Publisher Account

New Payment Methods: Brazil and Hong Kong

Xsolla Pay Station now offers more payment methods in Brazil and Hong Kong.

Brazil: Boleto Flash®

Boleto Flash® is a new payment method that offers the same coverage as Boleto bancário, one of Brazil’s most popular alternative payment methods accounting for 20% market share. Boleto Flash® gives you the same access to unbanked Brazilians, without the long payment confirmation wait time of Boleto bancário; once a Boleto Flash® is paid the merchant receives a confirmation in less than 1 hour. Payments can be made via mobile banking app, online banking, at an ATM, at the counter of an associated bank, or at any of the more than 13,000 lottery agencies throughout the country.

Hong Kong: Alipay HK

Alipay HK is a digital wallet created by a parent company of Alipay CN. It is a separate application you can find in Google and Apple app stores together with traditional Alipay CN.

Unlike Alipay, Alipay HK lets users register and pay without a valid ID issued in China, but with an ID issued in Hong Kong instead. It’s important to note that Alipay HK users aren’t able to make payments with traditional Alipay CN. Also, unlike Alipay CN, cross-border payments are available in the local currency (HKD). At this time, Alipay HK does not require separate onboarding for each game.

Benefits to you:

Boleto Flash®

  • Conversion increase by 20%
  • Faster payment processing — Boleto Flash is confirmed within 1 hour during working hours (versus 2-3 business days for traditional Boleto)
  • Better commercial rates (2.29% + 0.25 BRL Boleto Flash) versus 2.29% + 0.4 BRL (traditional Boleto)  

Alipay HK

  • Access to 2+ million users already registered in the Alipay HK system

How to get started:

  • Brazil: Request setup from our account management team at
  • Alipay HK:  Enable Alipay HK under Payment methods in Pay Station 

New Solution: Web Store for Game Sales

Xsolla Game Sales solution allows you to sell game keys across any platform directly to players through your custom website. You can save on platform fees and create lasting relationships with your players.

You can create a digital storefront simply and easily within the Xsolla Publisher Account or add Game Sales to your existing website via an API.

Live demo:

Web store for game sales and more templates

Benefits to you:

  • Sell across multiple platforms: Cater to players by selling game keys for their preferred platforms and consoles — organized simply in one location.
  • Make sales and delivery simple: Sell and deliver game keys, pre-orders and founder’s packs with one easy-to-use solution.
  • Keep more of your money: Other options can take as much as 30% of your revenue. With Xsolla Game Store, there's no upfront cost and you share just 5% per transaction.
  • Run your store your way: Control your catalog of games as needed. Add or delete games or change prices depending on the region.

How to get started:

New Solution: Web Store for Virtual Goods

Our code-free tools let you build your own custom website with Site Builder to sell virtual items, virtual currencies, subscriptions and DLC directly to players with the versatility of a web store. And with user authentication, players get instant access to goods in-game from purchases made via the web. 

This new feature means you share just 5% per transaction for in-game goods versus platform fees that can take as much as 30% of your game's income.

Live demo:

Web store for virtual goods

Web store for subscriptions

Web store for DLC

Benefits to you:

  • One-stop virtual goods shop: Offer your full catalog of in-game items, currencies, subscriptions and downloadable content in one convenient location on the web. Sell and fulfill in a single smooth process.
  • Broaden your reach to new players: Run campaigns to attract new followers and give players the option to buy in-game or online.
  • Drive sales with promotions: Host game sales, offer discounts, and feature bundles with a powerful suite of tools that support multi-platform and cross-platform options.

How to get started:

New Product: Secondary Market for In-game Items

Our partnership with Dmarket lets you create a secondary market for in-game items where players can buy, sell, and trade premium skins and weapons. 

Creating limited run or unique virtual items in your game increases the demand for players to make purchases. Now with a secondary market, purchases become an investment for the players to later sell and trade freely and safely. 

Players win with the opportunity to earn some money and you win by creating demand for exclusive items available in your game. This drives retention and extends your customer lifetime value.

Benefits to you:

  • Boost player investment:  Offer challenges to entice players with the promise of desirable rewards for reaching trade milestones.
  • Grow lifetime value and retention: Increase retention by adding skins trading and rewarding players’ game progress with tradable assets.

How to get started:

  • Request this integration from our account management team at

Major Feature Release: Launcher for macOS

We’ve implemented macOS support for Xsolla Launcher, and games can now be distributed on Macs. This feature is currently only available through Github flow.

Benefits to you:

  • Access to players on a new target PC platform

How to get started:

New Solution: Accelerate Your Growth, Influencer Solution

Xsolla Accelerate Your Growth solution streamlines influencer marketing and combines automation with creativity.

Our team helps you integrate Twitch Drops with the revenue-sharing capabilities of Xsolla Partner Network, along with website and authentication to facilitate onboarding. This new tool allows developers to invite, onboard, and segment creators as well as measure and manage partner programs from start to finish on all major gaming platforms.

Benefits to you:

  • Easily manage your events and creators for increased engagement for your game with one single integration. Participating creators can earn sustained revenue through Creator Tags.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with creators, and as their audience grows, so will yours. They bring highly engaged players to your game, you help grow their viewers, and players earn free content Twitch Drops. It’s a win-win-win.
  • Get all of this with no upfront costs while Xsolla handles all the back-end logistics, like onboarding, payments to creators and paperwork.

How to get started:

  • Request this integration from our account management team at

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