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Xsolla and YouAppi aim to grow mobile game revenue with Web Shop

May 24, 2023
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Xsolla and retargeting platform YouAppi joined forces to help video game developers retain, retarget and re-engage mobile app users.

About YouAppi

YouAppi is a leading growth and retention platform for mobile apps, specializing in re-engagement and retargeting.  Established in 2011, YouAppi has been a long-term partner to leading mobile advertisers, earning recent awards including top 100 fastest-growing companies in North America on the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ and 2023 Inc. 5000 Regionals: Pacific list. YouAppi is also ranked a global top 10 remarketing company on the Appsflyer 2022 performance index in gaming and non-gaming.

About Web Shop For Mobile Games

Xsolla's popular mobile solution now provides more opportunities for mobile game developers to power up their direct-to-consumer marketing efforts and engage users directly by offering expanded bundles, personalized Web Shop experiences, and promotions to players worldwide. As the mobile landscape continues to lead global gaming revenue, Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games has added new mechanics to help mobile developers effectively drive users to their branded pages. For more information about the Xsolla Web Shop, click here.

Unlock Campaign Success With YouAppi

Retargeting and re-engagement experts YouAppi work with mobile app companies across the globe in gaming (Blizzard, Playtika, Tilting Point), e-commerce, entertainment, lifestyle, and finance among others. Powered by machine learning and audience targeting, YouAppi’s proven proprietary app remarketing technology finds and retains the most profitable for Web Shop partners.  Retargeting is among the best marketing tools to entice mobile app players to the web. Retargeting is key to your profit margin as it is well within mobile platform guidelines. This form of re-engagement allows you to connect directly with players through value-rich, targeted offers they’ll love. Are you ready to try retargeting as part of your marketing strategy? To arrange a test campaign, just fill out the contact form and a member of our retargeting team will contact with details on how to get started.  Together with Web Shop and YouAppi, Xsolla partners will be able to re-engage players, increase revenue from TOP segments, increase ARPPU, and build lasting relationships with their best players. YouAppi helps with:
  • Creating and delivering creatives and messages in formats ranging from static to video.
  • Producing pilot launches of the campaign using machine learning, running statistical methods against real data, ensuring  KPIs are met before scaling.
  • Launching campaigns.
  • Optimizing campaigns  (offer daily monitoring and improvement to continuously scale campaigns based on performance, optimizing towards down funnel conversions).
  • Managing analytics: dashboard and continuous lift analysis throughout the life of the campaign, yielding highly precise results for the campaign.


The partnership aims to amplify what Xsolla Web Shop already does well - it helps to increase the average purchase amount, the number of repeated purchases, and traffic transition from mobile platforms to the web. Here is what Web Shop partners, can achieve with the Xsolla and YouAppi collaboration:

Increase web shop revenue

Re-engage top spenders with exclusive offers and clear value. Use retargeting campaigns to motivate first-time web shop or repeated purchases.

Increase conversion rates

Increase conversion rate on all levels starting with optimization of campaigns and ending with reducing cart abandonment.

Personalize customer experiences

Create granular audience segmentation for focusing on relevant offers and real-time data processing to understand how an ad is performing at any given second.

Optimize marketing efforts

Keep ROI positive and metrics high with highly engaging, performance-driven visual creatives and messages, and daily performance tracking and campaign optimization.

More Information

If you want to maximize your online store’s acquisition and growth strategy to gain new users and grow the LTV of your top players, read more about Xsolla Web Shop. Are you ready to try retargeting as part of your marketing strategy? To arrange a test campaign, just fill out the contact form and a member of our retargeting team will contact with details on how to get started.
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