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Xsolla revolutionizes mobile gaming

October 4, 2023
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Emerging Trends in Mobile Gaming: Multiplatform Expansion

The mobile gaming industry is undergoing a seismic shift, and Xsolla is at the forefront of this transformation. Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla, states: "Powering Web Shop launches for 40 of the top 100 mobile games is a monumental milestone for Xsolla. This is more than a numbers game; it's a validation of our relentless focus on providing the most efficient and versatile solutions for mobile game developers."

Xsolla's Web Shops: A Game Changer

Xsolla has helped launch Web Shops for 151 games in 2023, showcasing a robust shift towards cross-platform integration in the mobile gaming industry. These Web Shops have become integral to multiplatform operations, attracting gamers from various devices and channels.

The Benefits of Specialized Payment Platforms for Game Studios and Developers

Kirill Tokarev, CEO of 80.lv, emphasizes the growing demand for a connective platform: "With the support of Xsolla, 80.lv is shedding light on this need. The aim is to provide equal opportunities for gaming and porting studios, especially those with limited internal capacity, by connecting them with reliable partners for expanding their games to other platforms." By integrating specialized payment platforms like Xsolla, developers can save up to 30% of operational time compared to creating in-house payment solutions. Web Shops are not merely a revenue channel; they serve as a strategic asset that allows more control over pricing, facilitates better cross-platform strategies, and aids in building a more engaged community. Forms are available for Gaming Studios and Porting Studios to streamline their business operations further and offer higher-quality gaming experiences for end-users.

A Long History of Commitment: Xsolla's Journey

Since 2005, Xsolla has been steadfastly committed to helping web-based browsers and PC games sell virtual goods globally. Their substantial investments in exploring new markets and enhancing the onboarding experience demonstrate their dedication to enabling mobile games to grow their ever-expanding user base.

Xsolla: Redefining the Future of Mobile Gaming

The current landscape of mobile gaming is not just evolving; it's being rewritten. Xsolla's notable achievements in 2023 and entering 2024 serve as a cornerstone for the industry, ushering it into a future of interconnectivity, dynamism, and player-centricity. As we move forward into this new epoch, Xsolla stands as both a catalyst and a guide, fervently committed to elevating the gaming experience to new heights. For more in-depth information on how Xsolla can revolutionize your gaming experience or development journey, please visit: https://xsolla.com/mobile-web-shop
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