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Fraud & Data Security

The power of anti-fraud to improve your game's performance

June 20, 2024
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In the video game industry, game developers aim to deliver the best gaming experiences to players while exponentially increasing revenue for their hard work. Without an anti-fraud system, deceitful transactions can hurt your revenue and negatively affect player trust. Anti-fraud systems ensure your game's continued success by blocking suspect activity and safeguarding revenue. With the right anti-fraud system, you can feel assured that their gaming environments are secure for in-game purchases and interactions, fostering trust and loyalty in your player community. In this blog post, we'll examine Xsolla's Anti-Fraud System (AFS), a powerful tool that leverages intelligent and adaptable measures to elevate your game's metrics. We'll explore two real-world cases showcasing the effectiveness of Xsolla AFS in two key areas: machine learning for smarter fraud detection and custom in-game parameters for targeted defense.

Xsolla’s Anti-Fraud

Xsolla AFS, our fraud protection product, is built specifically for the gaming industry to protect legitimate purchases. AFS seamlessly integrates with your game's unique economy and user behavior using in-game protocols. Xsolla AFS's filtering system leverages industry expertise and cross-merchant intelligence, stops fraud before it happens on a global scale, and boasts effective features.
  • Cross-game analytics: Xsolla AFS reviews fraud data across your games, preventing scammers from targeting multiple titles and eliminating the risk of serial fraud.
  • Customizable fraud detection: Xsolla AFS analyzes your game data, and our expert team tailors rules to improve performance.
  • Streamlined manual review: Xsolla AFS streamlines the manual review process, ensuring fraud is blocked with 99% accuracy, thereby minimizing delays for legitimate players.
  • Dispute assistance: Xsolla AFS helps gather evidence based on dispute type and network rules, ensuring you only issue refunds for valid claims.

The power of Xsolla AFS: real-world cases

Machine learning for smarter fraud detection When building out Xsolla AFS, the team encountered a game project that had set parameters too high. The misstep prevented accidental chargebacks and legitimate purchases, resulting in an 85% acceptance rate. By utilizing machine learning, Xsolla was able to reduce false positives and create smarter rules that learned from analyzing data, identifying complex fraud patterns, and adapting its detection methods over time. xsolla-blog-power-of-afs-featured-image-01-2112x1146.webp
IMAGE: [Distribution of transactions scores: rule-based approach.]
The results were positive. The game project using Xsolla AFS saw its acceptance rate rise to 95% while maintaining a low fraud rate of just 0.35%. The numbers translate to more successful transactions, happier players, and, ultimately, an improved revenue stream. xsolla-blog-power-of-afs-featured-image-02-2112x1146.webp
IMAGE: [Distribution of transactions scores: hybrid approach “machine learning and rule-based”.]
Custom in-game parameters for targeted defense While conventional anti-fraud software relies on generic safety rules, Xsolla’s robust Anti-Fraud System takes a more sophisticated approach. It leverages custom in-game parameters and specific game data points to create a more targeted defense. In a different game project that reached out to Xsolla, 93.95% of fraudulent transactions occurred within 48 hours of account creation. Xsolla analyzed data like registration date and hours played to identify newly created accounts with minimal playtime, a red flag for potential fraud created for making unauthorized purchases. Focusing on these parameters helped reduce the credit card fraud rate from 0.8% to 0.3%, highlighting the power of custom parameters to act as a filter, narrowing down the initial search for fraud without impacting legitimate players. xsolla-blog-power-of-afs-featured-image-03-2112x1146.webp
IMAGE: [Shares of transactions by registration date.]
Another valuable in-game parameter is playtime. Xsolla identified accounts with zero playtime and found that 61.52% of fraudulent transactions originated from these accounts, which were created to bypass security measures to make fraudulent purchases. Legitimate players, on the other hand, typically have playtime spread out over a period. By flagging accounts with zero playtime, Xsolla helped identify fraudulent activity and showcased the effectiveness of custom in-game parameters. By leveraging data specific to the game, Xsolla creates a more precise and efficient defense against fraud. xsolla-blog-power-of-afs-featured-image-04-2112x1146.webp
IMAGE: [Shares of transactions by hours played.]

Take the next step

Protecting your revenue and fostering player trust is crucial in the video game industry. Xsolla AFS offers a powerful solution to do just that, by protecting your game and players against fraud with its intelligent combination of machine learning and custom in-game parameters. With Xsolla AFS, you can,
  • Intelligently approve legitimate transactions, increasing your revenue.
  • Actively detect and block fraudulent transactions, safeguarding your resources.
  • Protect and build trust and loyalty with your players, fostering a secure environment for in-game purchases and interactions and keeping them happy and engaged.
Take the first step towards a safer and more secure game with Xsolla Anti-Fraud. To learn more about our anti-fraud services and how you can empower your game to reach its full potential, visit our website or contact a team member today.
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