Level Up Your Esports Revenue Game

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Expand your mobile game business to PC and web to reach new players.

According to the experts at NewZoo, the global esports audience will reach 453.8 million in 2020, including 201.2 million esports enthusiasts and 252.6 million occasional viewers.

Also, a digital media trends survey by Deloitte reveals that gaming subscriptions now surpass pay-TV subscriptions.

We’re all excited to see the esports fanbase exploding and gaming in general taking a chunk of the market share that used to belong to video streaming services. How can esports companies/tournament organizers and organizations capitalize on this trend?

It does not matter if you are a tournament organizer, event broadcaster, or team/organization, you are looking to create unique fan experiences that you can monetize for your business.

Creating unique content experiences that are only available to subscribers is a way you can keep your fans coming back for more.

This is the right time to integrate a recurring revenue-driving program to take advantage of the huge uptick in avid gamers, casual viewers, teams, fans, and individual creators. This rising tide of loyal fans is well within your reach.

When layered on top of other forms of monetization, a subscriptions program offers you huge advantages by increasing your fans’ loyalty and retention and stabilizing your revenue stream month-to-month.

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Just like Netflix movie subscribers, avid esports fans have a growing desire to customize their own experiences and commit to gaming plans that make sense for their habits and interests.

In 2014, FACEIT was already benefitting from a massive uptick in competitive gaming interest. They needed to offer more incentives that would draw PvP gaming fans to their platform.

As their subscriber numbers swelled, they looked for a partner who could deliver bigger and better ways for their audience to participate, while keeping an eye on revenue interests.

Xsolla’s solution of a tiered subscriptions program made it easier for FACEIT’s fanbase to choose plans that fit the way they cheer on their favorite competitors or try for the title themselves.

After the integration, FACEIT’s website traffic positively exploded, jumping by 1250% from 1 million to 13.5 million visits per month.

Read the entire FACEIT success story HERE.

Whether you’re looking to create VIP plans for a premium fan experience, feature-rich play-with-a-pro packages, or to roll out exclusive live streaming opportunities, our Subscriptions solution experts have your back.

Here are three steps to getting started.

1. Learn about structuring an effective subscription plan that benefits both players and game studios. Our free eBook gives data-driven advice on how to structure subscription plans, keep players happy while keeping the lights on. Our eBook includes:

  • What to include in a subscription plan
  • Which in-game items/extras players want most
  • How to design a fair and profitable price structure
  • The easiest way to manage recurring payments


2. Partner with Xsolla. We understand that improving your existing revenue model doesn’t happen overnight. You still need to decide how many plans in your Subscriptions program, what features to bundle – not to mention how to manage accounts, track data, and analyze trends. Teaming up with a partner like Xsolla will accelerate the learning curve and get you started quickly.

3. Converting casual fans into loyal subscribers is easy and we can show you how.

We know the unique revenue and player retention struggles of esports companies and organizations, and can help you:

  • Decide which plan is right for your audience
  • Help you create a recurring revenue-driving program that fits your business model
  • Define a turn-key solution for managing recurring revenue streams
  • Prevent subscription churn
  • Keep evolving and upgrading your plan features

In today’s business economy it’s important to diversify your revenue models.

Think about what your fans desire from their experiences and how you can continue to provide additional features, benefits, and early access that only subscribers can receive.

With this in mind, you’ll win over your fans and keep them coming back to experience your content over and over again.


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