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GDC 2022 - All Xsolla Speaking Sessions

June 3, 2022
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It's hard to believe that the Game Developers Conference 2022 is already over! It was so great to see everyone in person as we gathered together for knowledge, inspiration, and of course... human interaction. But if you weren't able to make it to GDC, or in case you'd like to experience if all over again, we have all six of our speaking sessions and panels, along with a brand-new video about Xsolla, all gathered for you right here, for free, and on demand!


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Going Global, Staying Local: Helping Game Developers Succeed

View source Great games don’t just appear. They start as ideas, and only through the curiosity, dedication, and grit of people all over the globe do they come to life. Xsolla President Chris Hewish outlines ways to ensure that every developer has the same opportunity to see their game become a part of how we play. Watch now

Inside the Walled Payment Garden: A guide to Mobile Market Freedom

View source Anthony Mendoza and Miikka Luotio share a frank discussion on how developers can break into mobile gaming's 'walled payment garden' and grow their games just as many others have already done. Watch now

Game of Funds: Success is Coming

View source Xsolla’s dynamic duo of funding, Justin Berenbaum and Lily Goldner host special guests David Martinez from Raw Fury and Ken Seto from Massive Damage Games in a fireside chat, where you’ll discover how to improve your chances and create business alliances. Watch now

Beyond Credit: Taking Advantage of Emerging Payment Methods Worldwide

View source "Cash, check or charge?" It used to be that these were the only options when handling payments. Now there are hundreds. Berkley Egenes leads a team of Xsolla regional experts as they discuss how to control the chaos and take advantage of emerging payment methods around the globe. Watch now

“Things I Wish I Knew Sooner” About the Game Industry

View source Xsolla's Sam Gaglani hosts a panel of games industry pros who've "been there, done that" as they share their wisdom and insights. They focus on topics that affect developers of all sizes and look back on what they know now and wish they’d known earlier. Watch now We'd like to thank everyone who joined us, either during or after GDC 2022. If you'd like to discuss anything with us or to set up a meeting, just reach out and drop us a note at business@xsolla.com.
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