How a unique payment model can help you capture up to 35% of an emerging $2 billion video game market



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What you need to know about 3D Secure 2.0

It’s your key to compliant credit/debit card online payments in the European market

7 Conversion KPIs Game Developers Should Track

Releasing a game into the wild isn't enough to guarantee success.

Grow your Audience in Japan

Thinking beyond standard payment methods

Ready to give it a go?

Boost Revenue by Unlocking South Korea

The world’s fourth-largest gaming country by revenue

Generating Subscription Revenue in Video Games

Step-by-step guide on how to turn your players into monthly subscribers

Methods of Monetization That Benefit Players

From rewards for watching ads to a full-blown in-game economy

Why it’s Critical to Increase Pre-order Sales

Getting started early and building sufficient momentum are the keys to success.

6 Ways to Boost Revenue for your Game

Additional revenue sources teams can utilize alongside premium sales to help boost profits from each release.

Monetization Is Not A Dirty Word

Players want to support the games they enjoy, and developers want to turn a profit to stay in business.

Your Game, Your Platform, Your Players

Publishing on a global scale has never been simpler for indie game developers

How to crush game fraud

As a game developer, you’ll inevitably face a most formidable challenge in fraud.

See how LOTRO cranked up sales while slashing fraud rate

Xsolla Site Builder

New Xsolla Site Builder Update Makes Landing Page Creation Even Easier

Grow with push payments

How a unique payment model can help you capture up to 35% of an emerging $2 billion video game market.

Reach These Three Big Markets—Enable Cash Payments

Here's how you do it

Xsolla and Keymailer Partnership Takes Influencer Programs to a New Level

Combining Affiliate Sales with Influencers

What every game developer needs to know about PSD2

PSD2 is currently in effect

How to Successfully Transition from a Crowdfunding Platform to Your Own Xsolla Store

Step-by-step guide on what to do before, during, or after Kickstarter success.


A 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling opens the door for state governments to pass new legislation and collect online sales tax.


A widely used video game monetization strategy is virtual currency. Virtual currencies are digital-only currencies gamers use to make transactions online.

7 Tips to Increase Your Mobile Game’s User Retention Rates

You need people to interact with your app, and you need them to keep doing it.


Xsolla’s comprehensive new suite of tools and services makes it easier than ever for game developers of all sizes to dream big.

Design Video Games for Children

6 Tips When Designing Video Games for a Young Audience

How to Know Video Game Design Career Is for You

Video game design is an exciting career that draws people of all skills and ages.

5 Types of micro-transactions to help your in-game store thrive

Console and mobile games often rely on microtransactions to make income and keep up with user engagement.

Elements of a Video Game Landing Page

The Key Elements of a Video Game Landing Page

5 Words to Remember When Designing Your Game Menu

Before you launch your video game, you need to make sure the menu is user-friendly. Keep these five words in mind as you create your user interface.
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