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Xsolla launches Web Shop 2.0

March 5, 2024
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Monetization and revenue growth in mobile gaming

The mobile gaming market shows signs of recovery, with revenue expected to reach pre-2022 levels by 2024. Developers, however, are still focusing on costs and saving money, which involves cutting advertising expenses, adjusting budgets according to the IAA economic model, and trimming project staffing. This creates a need for ways to stabilize their businesses and reallocate resources. Additionally, there are a few challenges mobile game developers are facing. Earning enough revenue to sustain projects is one of them, and so is trying to launch new ones. Another major hurdle is the hefty 30% fee on mobile platform transactions, which eats into costs. This makes boosting revenue a top priority. Game developers often analyze how players spend money, how long they stick around, and their overall lifetime value (LTV) to identify areas for improvement. Their goal? To make in-game purchases more appealing, encourage players to spend more, and ultimately maximize each player's value. Finally, getting more players to pay is crucial, but so is adding more payment options, especially in regions where Apple or Google aren't dominant.

Xsolla addresses industry challenges with Web Shop 2.0

To overcome these challenges and maintain profitability, it’s important for developers to implement innovative strategies that keep players engaged, save on costs, and adapt to new trends to find success. Luckily, our team of payment experts has developed a perfect solution to address these needs and challenges: Xsolla Web Shop 2.0. Designed to help developers drive their profits and transcend traditional app store limitations, Xsolla Web Shop 2.0 is a mobile game monetization solution offering a viable alternative to high commission rates as well as a way for developers to harness direct-to-consumer sales. With a focus on web monetization since 2021, Xsolla has unveiled over 185 Web Shops for leading mobile studios globally. Our current Web Shop partners enjoy following advantages:
  • 10-16% increase in revenue
  • 40-60% increase in conversion rates from login to purchase
  • 30-40% average capture rate
  • 60% of players making repeated purchases
Built on this experience, Web Shop 2.0 is tailored to assist developers in crafting effective monetization strategies and drive revenue through web-based transactions. At the heart of this release is Instant Web Shop, a turnkey solution enabling developers to launch fully functional online stores within 24 hours. This rapid deployment tool enhances user awareness of web-based purchasing benefits and is a precursor to a comprehensive LiveOps system for monetization management. KEY BENEFITS AND FEATURES
  • Advanced LiveOps Tools: Includes A/B testing, featured offers, first purchase offers, secret shop promotions, coupons, promo codes, and both time-limited and number-limited offers. These tools enable developers to craft highly valuable player experiences.
  • Personalization and Engagement: Through personalized offers, discount promotions, bonus promotions, a loyalty program, and a reward system, developers can significantly increase player engagement and retention.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Xsolla provides expert guidance in navigating the intricacies of web shop management, empowering partners to maximize their earnings.
  • Improved User Flow: Includes seamless, one-click payments with Xsolla Wallet, PWA (Progressive Web Application), and Deeplink Authentication.

What’s next?

Xsolla Web Shop 2.0 is uniquely designed to meet the dynamic needs of mobile game developers striving for profitability and adaptability. At its core, it’s a testament to our commitment to supporting developers in maximizing their revenue potential and staying ahead in the mobile gaming industry. For more information about Xsolla Web Shop 2.0 and its features, please visit: xsolla.pro/webshop-2 From global payments and web shops to alternative distribution channels and D2C strategies that can supplement your existing game sales, Xsolla has you covered. Create your free account to explore Xsolla's range of industry-specific tools today.
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