Xsolla launches a virtual collective of gaming professionals

January 27, 2021
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Expand your mobile game business to PC and web to reach new players.

Xsolla, Inc. is excited to announce Diamond Club, a growing collective of video game developers, publishers, and distributors with opportunities to network, share ideas, and solve mutual challenges together.

Diamond Club’s members have access to gaming events tickets, subject matter experts, and monthly meet-ups with industry colleagues facing the same business successes and challenges.

“Now more than ever, our industry needs to connect, talk about success stories, compare notes, and share best practices. The idea of a global network of game industry professionals can enjoy from the comfort of home is long overdue”, noted Eugene Maleev, Business Head at Xsolla and Diamond Club’s innovator.

“We intend to virtually bring together the brightest minds in video game development and publishing, offer access to the best trade shows and conferences, and invite subject matter experts to add their voice to key discussions and newsletters.”

Membership to the collective is open to Xsolla clients and potential new partners. Xsolla is providing free tickets to upcoming sponsored virtual trade shows in 2021 to welcome new members — now numbering over 250. The group also has access to virtual meet-ups, exclusive webinars, articles and insights from the industry’s best minds in video game business and marketing.

Developers and publishers apply for membership and select a future event they’re most interested in attending.

Video game developers, publishers, and distributors interested in joining Xsolla Diamond Club can visit https://xsolla.com/diamond-club  to learn more about the collective and how to get started, view the list of upcoming events, and apply for membership.

Once an application is accepted, Xsolla schedules an introductory call and emails a complimentary event ticket to the new member. Diamond Club members are permanently eligible for exclusive opportunities and offers.


The collective is more than a way to get access to trade shows. It’s a chance for gaming business pros to meet other professionals with a deep passion for video games.

Xsolla Diamond Club is a timely opportunity to connect with colleagues from and compare notes on everything from how to effectively monetize games, what it takes to attract new players, and generate recurring revenue for years to come.

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