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Xsolla Funding Expands Accelerator To Empower Game Developers

February 28, 2024
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There are many factors to consider when you begin your game development journey, from finding and pitching to publishers or investors to designing and creating a game. This can be a lot to juggle as you try to establish your business and gain industry traction. With the ultimate goal of tackling these challenges and offering continuous education and support to developers as they grow in the industry, Xsolla Accelerator was created in 2022. The initiative has since seen significant achievements, with the launch of Kautiki Cave's Flame Keeper and Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint in 2023. Several indie gaming studios around the world also successfully secured publishers, and 2024 is poised for the release of five more titles thanks to the support of Accelerator. Since its launch, the Xsolla Accelerator team has worked closely with a variety of innovative independent studios to support, guide, and educate them as they prepare to launch their games. Now, Accelerator is getting an upgrade with new benefits and features that have been added to help more developers find their way toward achieving success in the games industry.

New opportunities for developers

Building on its achievements so far, the new version of Accelerator will offer even more ways to build your skills, knowledge, and understanding to help you finish and launch your game, position it for success, and overall, set your games business up for success.  ACCESS FOR EVERYONE One of the biggest updates for this Xsolla Funding program is that applying to Accelerator will become open and accessible to everyone regardless of their level of experience or the stage of their project. And starting today, all you have to do is apply to start reaping the benefits.  The program, which has a target start date of July 1, 2024, is designed to provide high-quality educational materials with both free and paid programs to help you succeed. Drawing from our team’s decades of experience, as well as other industry experts, our educational materials are tailored to provide practical knowledge that you can apply to your project, both before and after your game’s launch.  NEW BENEFITS AND FEATURES Accelerator now offers developers a wider range of support, as well as new resources to take advantage of. From free courses that cover case studies, tax advice, Xsolla product guides, and more, to advanced, paid courses that offer pre-recorded classes, case studies, live Q&As, and more, developers at any stage of their game development journey can find the help they need to find success for their projects.  As part of our paid courses, our team of experienced mentors will be available to provide guidance and support tailored to your needs, helping you navigate the ins and outs of game development as well as business management. Whether facing challenges in game design, marketing strategy, or fundraising efforts, our mentors are dedicated to providing expert insights and actionable recommendations to help overcome obstacles. And with personalized mentorship, developers can leverage the wisdom and expertise of industry veterans to navigate the complexities of game development and maximize their chances of creating a successful game. MORE CHANCES FOR FUNDING Though not every project will receive funding after finishing the program, Accelerator can help increase your chances with future opportunities by sharpening your skills and increasing your ability to attract potential investors or publishers. Later this year, the Xsolla Funding team will select the most promising games from Accelerator and Xsolla Funding Club participants and assist them in securing funding from external investors, grant programs, or government funding programs.

Accelerate your game development journey

With its new features, programs, and benefits, Xsolla Accelerator provides a comprehensive solution that equips developers with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed in the competitive gaming industry. If you’re interested in learning more about education and funding opportunities, as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest information about the start of Accelerator’s first batch of participants, submit an application at xsolla.com/funding to get started.
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