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Why Not Go Directly To Your Consumers?

June 27, 2023
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As we continue strategizing for the future, we've reflected on the many successes of this year's trip to San Francisco for GDC 2023. While this renowned conference may be over, what we learned remains relevant and worth revisiting. High on this list of valuable content came from a panel that discussed the importance of having direct relationships with your users entitled, Why Not Go Directly to Your Consumers? In this casual yet informative speaking session, Xsolla's Ron Scott, Regional Director of the Americas, chats with industry pros on what success in the gaming industry looks like. An expert himself with almost three decades of experience, Scott's witnessed the marketplace grow from its humble beginnings to over $200 billion generated in revenue, serving almost four billion users. https://youtu.be/SOH-qyYZ78w Despite this positive trajectory, Scott introduces a pain point; the retail market has stayed more or less the same, with a reseller standing between developers and their users, from game stores to big box retailers and now platforms utilizing streaming services. Using the broader entertainment industry trend of more companies moving towards direct retail strategies, Scott details the benefits of utilizing direct-to-consumer solutions with Xsolla and highlights how we help game developers and publishers:
  • build strong player communities
  • increase player retention
  • control more of the player-purchase journey
  • cross-market promotion of your game titles
  • increase payment options to reach more players
  • increase revenue and profitability
Follow along with our four panelists as they discuss how partnering with Xsolla has helped them better engage with their consumers directly and shaped their long-term marketing strategies. Each panelist provides a distinct perspective from their company's geographic location, platform, and company size, for a well-rounded session that still rings true. Ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Watch Why Not Go Directly to Your Consumers? and hear firsthand how Xsolla’s wide range of publishing and developmental tools have helped companies engage directly with consumers and grow their businesses. From *Payments* to Web Shop, contact an expert from our team or create an account to explore what Xsolla can do for you today.
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