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Two ways to grow your mobile video game business

October 11, 2021
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PUBG Mobile took in a cool $2.6B in revenue this past year. And mobile gaming was gaining momentum even before 2020 unleashed its entropy on the world. Yet, it’s tricky for indie or mid-tier developers to find a footing and thrive in the overly saturated mobile gaming market. Being a mobile game developer requires agility, lots of UA, and patience. From discoverability issues to steep platform fees, the challenges can seem insurmountable. Even more so if a team is trying to launch their first mobile game. But we can help overcome those obstacles with our new Mobile Game Commerce solution. The mobile gaming world is complicated, and we know that a successful strategy involves moving to a multi-platform approach. 4 challenges facing mobile game developers As a mobile game developer, you jump through enough hoops and face quite a few obstacles in even getting your game through the initial development process. After release, there are even more challenges:
  1. Getting found in the app store
  2. Reaching a global audience
  3. Constraints on marketing data
  4. Paying high platform fees
But there is good news. We can make it possible to grow your game beyond its app store. How? With our new Mobile Game Commerce solution. It’s a five-part strategy to help you improve your discoverability, profit margin, and acquisition efforts, so you can keep reinvesting back into your development resources. Our Mobile Game Commerce solution With us by your side, you get the tools you need to extend the life of your game. Sure, if you could provide your passion project to the world for free and still be able to pay your rent, you might do that. But ‘monetization’ is not a bad word, and exploring new revenue opportunities for your mobile game is a very valid pursuit. The first part in this solution sort of speaks for itself: Mobile-to-Web. And it begins with adding your mobile game store to PC or web with the Xsolla Store SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine. Mobile-to-Web helps you:
  1. Open up new avenues for players to discover your game and make purchases.
  2. Increase player engagement by giving them an online community hub to gather in.
  3. Gain valuable gameplay data to improve the experience and economy of your game.
We recently helped Nexters expand their mobile game beyond the app store with our Mobile-to-Web feature. In just one month, they gained new players in key markets, like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. They also leveraged our industry-leading anti-fraud system to improve their conversion and lower chargebacks, and increased their revenue by 10x during our partnership. So, once the step from mobile to web is done, what’s next? The second way to expand your mobile video game business is to use the Top Up feature. Top Up makes purchases online convenient and frictionless for your players, which translates into many benefits for you.
  1. Connect your game to digital wallets and super apps around the world to open up your game to a bigger player base.
  2. Elevate your brand by building a code-free, custom landing page that matches the look and feel of your game.
  3. Improve the player experience by selling in their localized currency and with multilingual display support.
The net result of our Top Up feature is that you make your players happy. After all, mobile gaming is built around ease and convenience, and you are providing them with more of exactly that — especially when you let them use their favorite payment apps to level up their experience with exclusive content, loyalty programs and other rewards. Looking to the future Mobile gaming continues to gain momentum, mixing portability and enjoyment for both casual and regular players. Going from mobile to web adds an extra layer of accessibility for your players, making it easy for them to find and enjoy your game on any type of device they like to use. It also lets you create once and deploy your game store across multiple platforms. Even game engines, like Unity, have been taking mobile to PC or web seriously, building the necessary means into their tools to give you the ability to easily grow your mobile game audience. And with us you can further tailor your approach vector as you need. We will continue to add to and evolve our Mobile Game Commerce solution throughout this upcoming year, aiming to enhance the experience for you and your audience. As always, we welcome your feedback as you partner with us and explore all that we have to offer. How to get started
  1. Download our one-pager. Learn how Xsolla can help you:
  2. Enhance the gameplay experience for your players
  3. Expand your audience reach
  4. Drive more sales for your mobile game
Download Partner with Xsolla. We know that planning your revenue model doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why teaming up with a partner like us is valuable. We understand the unique challenges of video game commerce and can help you navigate them — so you can focus on what you do best. New to Xsolla? Get started by registering for a Publisher Account. Already an Xsolla partner? Log in to your Publisher Account or contact your Xsolla Account Manager to chat about the best Mobile Game Commerce strategy for your game.
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