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Xsolla Adds Venmo As Additional Payment Options For The Next Generation of Gamers

June 9, 2023
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Pay Station, the gaming industry's customizable, multi-platform checkout product, now accepts Venmo payments.  With the addition of Venmo, developers and publishers will have greater access to younger users in the U.S., and gamers can rest assured knowing their transaction is secure. Venmo is a trusted brand essential to any gaming company's revenue strategy, as its existing consumer base is young, loyal, and active. According to a May 2022 brand report, Venmo is the second most widely used online payment service in the United States and has over 90 million users. Young consumers, in particular, enjoy Venmo's payment social sharing features. Game developers and publishers can connect to a bigger audience, optimize payment processing time, and increase online security for their consumers by offering this additional payment method at checkout. "We continually strive to offer more payment methods and are pleased that offering this new one will simplify the checkout experience and reduce drop-offs," said Anton Zelenin, Chief Revenue Officer at Xsolla. "We believe that by tailoring payment methods to the preferences of younger gamers in the US, we can create a more personalized payment experience by putting their preferred payment methods first with the PayRank feature of Pay Station." Xsolla Pay Station already accepts 700+ payment methods in 200+ regions worldwide. The PayRank technology automatically surfaces and ranks the payment methods most relevant for each customer, like Venmo. Initially offered for Person to Person transactions only, Venmo has recently become available for Business to Consumer transactions, including the video game space.

Enable Venmo in your Xsolla Pay Station

Venmo is a popular payment method that can help merchants increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance security. If you're already an Xsolla partner, you can now accept payments via Venmo with Xsolla Pay Station and offer your customers additional payment flexibility at checkout.
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