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How Xsolla and AppsFlyer Help Game Developers Improve Monetization

August 9, 2023
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Today’s Mobile Games Market

App stores recently backed down from harsh in-game sales restrictions, enabling mobile developers to comfortably and confidently pursue new sales channels, including game-branded web stores. The impact is significant: more mobile game developers are free to reduce their spend on platform fees and retain more revenue from unique content bundles and offers – while remaining 100% compliant with app-store rules. xsolla-appflyer-improve-monetization-featured-image-01-870x489.png Xsolla Web Shop is a direct-to-consumer ecommerce solution for mobile games. Developers and publishers sell in-game items, inspire players to purchase, keep more revenue, and boost LTV and ARPU, all from a game-branded website. Xsolla Web Shop can help developers capture more revenue and retain more players with no payment limit and a wide range of LiveOps features to customize the look and feel of their web stores. xsolla-appflyer-improve-monetization-featured-image-02-870x339.png Xsolla Web Shop is a boon to developers looking to expand sales beyond in-app constraints, but until now, it has not offered a comprehensive data analytics tool. Transparency into user journeys, cohorts, and event breakdowns is critical to game companies’ monetization success.

A Data-Driven Partnership

To address the challenge, Xsolla and AppsFlyer joined forces to offer mobile game developers a unified solution – across PC, web, and app – that reports meaningful data measurement across all marketing touchpoints and facilitates the analysis of customer journeys and activities. Xsolla's addition of AppsFlyer to their Web Shop solution activates multi-channel features that enable developers to gather and analyze user behavior and interactions on the web and inside the game, then compare metrics from easy-to-use dashboards. AppsFlyer helps brands make good choices for their business and customers with advanced measurement, data analytics, deep linking, engagement, fraud protection, data clean room, and privacy-preserving technologies. Built on the idea that brands can increase customer privacy while providing exceptional experiences, AppsFlyer empowers thousands of creators and 10,000+ technology partners to create better, more meaningful customer relationships.

Powering Game Monetization Strategies

The combination of Xsolla Web Shop’s tools and AppsFlyer’s integration helps game companies collect data on user interactions within their web shops — such as login, purchases, and other events — then Xsolla and Appsflyer synthesize the data and display the results in simple-to-read and customizable dashboards. This valuable information ultimately translates to improved web shop performance, better prediction of marketing efficiencies, and increased performance metrics. AppsFlyer Features
  • Unified cross-platform analytics and measurement
  • Comprehensive platform traffic and event tracking
  • Attribution of conversions and revenue to specific marketing channels
  • User segmentation powers targeted campaigns
Integration Benefits
  • Performance transparency: Gain a detailed understanding of web campaign ROI and compare web shop efficiency to in-app performance.
  • Targeted monetization: Leverage real-time data about web events and player behavior to refine commerce strategy and influence revenue streams.
  • Maximize player LTV: Accurately predict spending patterns to inform future marketing and increase players’ LTV.
  • Increase acquisition: Use campaign data to reveal which channels, cohorts, and purchases will bring the most revenue.
  • Boost engagement: Use advanced analytics and cohort reporting to know exactly how, where, and when to engage players.
  • Improve retention: Watch user journeys between the app and the web to predict better what will keep them coming back.

Ready to Level Up with AppsFlyer Analytics?

If you’re ready to take control of your game’s commerce and revenue strategy, Xsolla can help. If you’re already an Xsolla partner, you can add AppsFlyer to your web shop by logging in to your Publisher Account. If you’re just discovering Xsolla Web Shop or AppsFlyer and want to earn more beyond the app stores, please reach out to us at business@Xsolla.com today. We’re happy to talk about a solution to take your game business to the next level.
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