Mistakes To Avoid When Monetizing Your Game

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Players who enjoy your game are reaping the rewards of the hard work you put into creating and distributing it. That can be exciting in and of itself. However, since you launched something that is of value to others, you deserve to be compensated for it. That’s where monetizing your game app comes in. Consider these mistakes you should be careful to avoid as you monetize the game.

Never Underestimate the Value of Novelty

Players who have seemingly limitless choices for games are looking for something special. They want to find something that they can’t get anywhere else. If you underestimate the importance of novelty to your players, you can easily lose them to competitors. Similarly, if you don’t offer novelty with your in-app store offerings, players are less likely to spend their money.

So, try to think of elements of surprise and fun that you can showcase in your in-app store. You want to delight players by what they could purchase. Ideally, make the offerings so unique and appealing that they want to share the concept with others on social media.

Don’t Try to Market While You Sell

A lot of game developers try to make marketing a part of the in-game store experience, and that is a mistake. For example, while a player is shopping in the store, don’t plan for a pop-up to interrupt the shopping experience to ask them for their email address. Too many layers of monetization can push players too far, and they may stop feeling valued and appreciated as a participant in the game.

On the other hand, soft marketing that serves a need the players have is okay. For example, you may offer merchandise that features your game’s logo and imagery from the game. While that is a form of marketing, it offers something really fun for enthusiasts. A player who really loves your game will feel proud wearing your merch and won’t feel pushed to do so.

Never Try to Be Everything to All People

Never try to satisfy everyone at the same time. When you monetize a game, decide exactly who you want to target with your in-game offerings. A game that’s designed for senior citizens will offer significantly different rewards than one designed for teenagers. While you don’t want to be exclusive, you want to deliver the purchase options that will get people to click and buy.

Knowing your target audience will allow you to target your ads to players and offer relevant in-app purchases. When you target a specific audience, you will still attract a wide variety of other people who want what your ideal audience enjoys, too.

Don’t Make It All About Money

When you monetize your game app, try to avoid making this aspect of it seem solely focused on money. Instead, showcase the fun aspects of the for-pay features. Offer users a chance to earn some of the rewards they can buy by doing tasks that will ultimately help you and bring in more revenue. For example, allow gamers to earn points to use as cash in the store for referring people to download the game.

When you offer a reward system as part of the game app monetization, even those on very limited budgets will be able to participate in this fun aspect of the game. That keeps the in-game store feeling fun and inclusive for everyone. Also, the more you spread the word about your game, the more revenue you can ultimately make from it.

Never Lose Sight of the Gamer’s Experience

All the changes and improvements you make for monetization also need to be focused on enhancing the gamer’s experience. Players should be inspired to play your game and notice improvements, not setbacks. If a player takes a break from your game and then comes to check out why they used to play it, you want to wow them all over again. That’s the way to make healthy profits in your store.

Don’t Try to Guess When You Can Confirm Information

Don’t try to assume what players want when you can directly ask them. As part of the way you cater to the players, invite them to take part in surveys and otherwise offer their opinions on the game. Use a few simple sentences to explain how you will use the information they share with you.

Most importantly, offer incentives for players who share their thoughts with you. For example, a small gift card to your in-app store will serve multiple purposes. Not only will it send players to your store who otherwise wouldn’t have been there, but it can encourage them to spend more money than you are offering them as a reward.

Finally, contact Xsolla today to learn more about how we can help you launch and monetize your game. We are your video game’s business engine, and we are happy to empower you to make the money you deserve from the game you worked so hard to develop. At the same time, we strive to provide a positive, rewarding experience for gamers. It’s a win-win situation.

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