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Xsolla's Game-Changing Acquisition of Lightstream

October 10, 2023
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Within the dynamic world of content creation and distribution, there is a constant hunger for innovation and simplification. In October of 2023, Xsolla took a big step towards addressing those needs by announcing its strategic acquisition of Lightstream, a visionary company dedicated to revolutionizing live video production.  This acquisition, which includes Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.stream, marks a pivotal moment in the gaming industry, aiming to help creators and enhance content in unprecedented ways. Xsolla will allow creators to go live within seconds via cloud streaming services, request free keys from game developers, participate in referral programs, create their branded web shops, and sell digital goods for games in Xsolla's portfolio. The benefits of this merge extend to content creators and PC and mobile game developers of all sizes, genres, and monetization models. These developers often grapple with several challenges, including the high cost of acquiring and retaining players, the complexities of attracting and managing a new audience, and the intricacies of working with influencers.

Empowering creators and simplifying content creation

Lightstream's mission has always been crystal clear: to empower anyone, regardless of their experience or hardware cost, to share their stories, adventures, brands, and talents with a live audience. This mission is deeply rooted in the belief that live video production should be simple, powerful, and collaborative. lightstream-featured-image-01-870x553.jpg Lightstream provides a global cloud production pipeline and a creative toolkit that allows creators to focus on their core strengths, like customers, products, and growth. The company’s journey began with Lightstream Studio, a cloud-native remote production tool, which set the stage for the company's subsequent innovations. With the launch of Lightstream Cloud API, Lightstream opened up new possibilities, allowing developers and product teams to build innovative live video workflows on top of a global cloud video architecture.  lightstream-featured-image-02-870x553.jpg Then came Rainmaker.gg, a platform designed to empower creators by facilitating audience growth and engagement while fostering collaboration between brands and content creators through data-driven insights and automation. The introduction of API.stream enabled infrastructure teams to automate thousands of streams, create redundant streams, or even integrate live streaming studios into their products.  lightstream-featured-image-03-870x553.png Xsolla and Lightstream bring forth a new set of powerful tools Xsolla Partner Network is already a one-stop solution for engaging game developers and publishers, offering a range of tools and opportunities. Now, with the addition of Lightstream as part of its arsenal, XPN can offer Lightstream's influencers the additional value of easy and quick payouts, along with access to over 4,000 game developers and publishers worldwide. Additionally, Xsolla's developers gain access to a treasure trove of 10,000 new influencers around the world, significantly expanding their reach and impact. This integration addresses a critical need in the industry as developers strive to promote their games effectively and efficiently to a global audience. A bright future for creators and PC and mobile game developers Xsolla's acquisition of Lightstream is not merely a business deal. This strategic move promises to usher in a new era of simplified content creation, enhanced distribution, and increased collaboration between creators and developers. It's a game-changer for creators, developers, and the gaming industry and exemplifies Xsolla's commitment to delivering value to the gaming community.  With the acquisition of Lightstream, Xsolla addresses game developer challenges head-on:
  • The high cost of acquiring and retaining players: Acquiring new audiences can be prohibitively expensive, with the average cost per lead (CPL) ranging from $25 to $50. This strains developers' budgets and impacts profitability.
  • Attracting and managing a new audience: Finding new players and effective promotional channels is becoming increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Developers need efficient solutions to discover new audiences and create and manage campaigns for game promotions.
  • Working with influencers is complex: Influencer marketing is a multi-faceted process involving selecting the right agency, meeting influencer demands (including upfront payments), managing payouts, and calculating return on investment (ROI).
Lightstream's suite of tools simplifies content creation and distribution for game developers. Creators can leverage Lightstream's platform to produce and share live content effortlessly, enabling them to engage with their audiences more effectively. The future of gaming content creation and distribution is here, more accessible and powerful than ever before. If you’re interested in exploring the new Lightstream possibilities, contact our team today to learn more or sign up for an Xsolla Publisher Account.
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