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Xsolla unveils online destination for games: Xsolla Mall

September 15, 2023
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Game developers and publishers now have a brand-new online space for hosting and managing video games: Xsolla Mall. At this one-stop destination, gamers can explore exclusive in-game items, discounts, and premium experiences. The platform allows video game companies to set up multiple branded landing pages, extending monetization and player engagement opportunities.

What is Xsolla Mall?

Xsolla Mall is not just another online game store; it's a comprehensive distribution channel. Here, developers can showcase an entire game or specific content on their landing pages. With the support of Xsolla Cloud Gaming, the platform already has a growing library of cloud-based games. Xsolla Mall converges the convenience of multiple local payment options with the influence of content creators. It is a holistic, cost-effective platform designed to generate incremental revenue for game developers and publishers.

Benefits for Developers and Publishers

Reduced Customer Acquisition and Retention Costs By having a direct-to-consumer channel, Xsolla Mall helps to reduce costs associated with acquiring and retaining players. Brand Awareness Developers can create branded landing pages, improving brand visibility and recognition. Increased Player Engagement The platform is geared to provide exclusive in-game items, game discounts, and premium experiences, thus enhancing player engagement levels.‍ More Profits As a new distribution channel, Xsolla Mall aims to increase the profitability of game businesses.

A Word from the CEO

Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla, emphasized Xsolla Mall's value to the video game community: "Xsolla Mall unlocks a new direct-to-consumer distribution channel. We're addressing current market challenges, such as high costs of player acquisition, exorbitant distribution fees, and the need to increase the number of paying players. Our platform is here to help game developers earn and retain more profits from their game and in-game content sales."

Next Steps

If you want to learn how Xsolla can help reduce your workload and raise your revenue with Xsolla Mall or  other simple solutions to fuel your company’s success, contact an expert from our team.
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