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July 14, 2020
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Building a great game is a long, difficult process that takes a lot of hard work — which is why Xsolla has always believed that payments should be easy. That’s why we’re proud to announce the release of Xsolla Payments SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine, valuable tools that make it even easier for developers to access our powerful Payments Solution and accept payments from players around the world.

Without question, Unity and Unreal Engine are more widely used by developers to build games than any other game engines out there. In September 2018, Unity CEO John Riccitiello notoriously claimed that Unity was being used to build “half of all games, period,” and in September 2019, Gamasutra determined that of the more than 49,000 notable games available on Steam, over 25% had been built using Unreal Engine.

With so many active and aspiring developers hard at work in Unity and Unreal Engine, it seemed essential to develop natively integrated Payments SDKs that could be conveniently accessed within the same game engines. This way, developers can now adjust their payments settings within the same workspaces that they use to build the core IP of their games, spending less time and effort to manage those preferences.

For integrations, Xsolla Payments SDKs offer a variety of approaches that depend on the type of back-end support that each project uses. Projects that don’t require a server or back-end support only need to perform a simple, straightforward integration, but more flexible integrations are available to accommodate projects with a Microsoft Azure PlayFab-supported back end.

The improved ease-of-use offered by Xsolla Payments SDKs doesn’t come at any additional cost to developers, who can still rely on the same powerful payments solution that reaches over 200 countries and territories worldwide and offers more than 700 payment methods for players to choose from. And as always, our performance-based pricing gives developers more freedom to budget their funding and other crucial development resources.

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