Generating Subscription Revenue In Video Games

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Expand your mobile game business to PC and web to reach new players.

Step-by-step guide on how to turn your players into monthly subscribers

Subscriptions are an effective and fast-growing form of monetization, yet developers still struggle with what to include in their subscription plans. Xsolla analyzed industry trends to discover the most wanted features and biggest selling points for subscriptions in Video Games.

Download a free guide that includes step-by-step advice for designing fair but effective subscription plans from start to finish.

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Subscriptions are becoming a key factor in the success of many modern F2P games. Subscribers spend more than twice as much on in-game content as non-subscribers, a fact that helped World of Tanks earn over $470 million in 2017. Subscriptions create revenue with low overhead, inspire player loyalty, and generate predictable income streams studios can rely on when planning long-term updates.

Learn how to structure an effective subscription plan that benefits both players and game studios with the insights found in this guide, including:

  • What to include in a F2P subscription plan
  • Which in-game items/extras players buy the most
  • How to design a fair but profitable price structure
  • The easiest way to manage global payments

This free Xsolla guide includes data-driven advice on how to best structure subscription plans. Keep players happy, and keep the studio’s lights on, all without sacrificing entertainment value.

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Alexander Menshikov is a monetization expert at Xsolla with 12+ years of experience in online game economies and e-commerce. He has worked to build and integrate custom monetization solutions with multiple publishers and platforms, including Valve, Ubisoft, Hi-Rez, WB Games (Turbine), Twitch, Nexon, Epic Games, and more. He has also managed integrations for pre-order campaigns for titles like PUBG, Mutant Year Zero, Atomic Heart, RUNE Ragnarok, and Phoenix Point.

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