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June 3, 2022
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The mobile game landscape has officially changed. December 9, 2021, brought about a change in potential revenue channels and opportunities for mobile game developers. Now you can roll out your own online web shop for your mobile game, selling in-app items, virtual currencies, and even subscriptions - without losing a huge chunk of your revenue.  Up until now, the usual way that mobile game developers would distribute their games was through app stores and third-party game distribution platforms, and the cost to monetize games on those traditional platforms was usually very high, typically around 30% per transaction. Then, there are always additional fees for user acquisition campaigns, being featured on the platform, and so on. Of course, anything that the user buys through the app stores is also subject to the same transaction fee, not just the game purchase itself, including in-game items, virtual currencies, subscription plans, and more. Every single extra fee can quickly accumulate and cut directly into your bottom line, which can constrain future versions, updates, or any new game development you may have planned. But you don’t need to hinder your revenue stream. Our Web Shop for Mobile Games solution lets you implement new revenue streams online for your brand and mobile games. It’s all under your control, on your own website, and it is highly customizable to your needs. Since the app stores will now have to allow alternative third-party payments and in-app purchasing methods, having your own Web Shop makes a lot of sense. With your own branded ecommerce website, you can sell all and any part of your game catalog on your own terms: virtual goods, items, currencies, subscriptions, gifts, bundles, and much more. Bonus? We’ll help run the back-end infrastructure so you don’t have to spend precious development resources on it. And this is just the beginning of how we can help grow your mobile gaming business. Simply put, Xsolla Web Shop does everything the app stores do - and more! - for only 5%. Web Shop makes the purchasing process less strenuous for your players and helps you reach many more gamers globally. For example, you’ll be able to immediately expand into new regions and give valuable purchasing power to a whole new demographic of players who want to pay with their preferred online payment methods. This is quite beneficial since credit cards are not the primary form of payment in many areas around the world. Don’t just take our word for it, though! Download our ebook to find out how you can quickly get started with Xsolla Web Shop for your mobile game, and see it in action for yourself.
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