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Promote Your Web Shop for More Revenue and Increased Value

July 8, 2022
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Apple and Google have loosened their stranglehold on the app developers who list games on their stores, and developers stand to benefit from this change. You can now create an online Web Shop for your game and sell in-game items, currency, and other items without having to give Apple or Google their 30%. There are a few restrictions. You can’t link directly to your store within the app (though you can reach out via email, Discord, or other means), and you can’t sell items in the store for less than you do in the app.  Making purchases in-app is easy for players to do and a convenient way to support their favorite games. The challenge is to make sure your players have a strong enough incentive to go to your Web Shop to make their purchases. The big question is, with these restrictions in place, how do you get your players to visit your Web Shop and make purchases there?  That’s where Promotions come in! WHAT ARE PROMOTIONS? Xsolla’s Web Shop Promotions feature allows you to sell in-game items and currency at a discount or in bundle packs without violating the TOS of the App Stores. The two main ways to do this are through Promo Codes and bundling multiple items. With Promo Codes, you can set up whatever discount or special offer you want for the user, even limiting the number of uses by a player. You can use a promo code to give them a free item, additional currency, a percentage discount, or whatever you’d like! And your players will love you for it. With Bundles, you can group items and sell them in a larger package. Want to sell a specific skin and some currency? A season pass and a bonus item? Want to reward your top spenders’ loyalty with a special gift or discount? With Promotions for your mobile game, you can sell whatever you want, however you want, right from your own branded website. HOW IT WORKS For Developers: When you activate the Promotions feature, a new field will show up in the checkout, allowing your players to enter the promo codes you provide them. You can create any bundle or discount you want or add bonuses for purchasing through your shop (like additional in-game currency or a promo item). You can also combine these options in any way you like.  For Players: When you enable the promo code field in your Web Shop settings, players will add the items they want to their cart, and when they go to check out, they’ll see a new field allowing them to enter the promo code they received (through email, Discord, or a friend, for example). All they have to do is enter it in, and the discount will be applied, or the free item will be added to their order - simple. START PROMOTING TODAY Create your account to explore Xsolla’s range of publishing and developmental tools today. Contact an expert from our team if you want to learn how Xsolla can help reduce your workload and provide a simple solution that allows you to publish your game across multiple platforms. Current partners, log in to your account to take advantage of promotions. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your account manager. Get started today to learn more about player purchase behavior and how to improve conversion online.
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